Logo/Photo edited by Betty T.
Logo/Photo edited by Betty T.

Artesian: DueDil today announced that it has rebranded to FullCircl. The new name and brand identity capture the evolution of the business following last year’s merger and its vision for the future as it launches a highly differentiated newly combined Customer Lifecycle Intelligence (CLI) proposition.

The rebrand, which unifies and consolidates the previous two company’s solutions, is more than just a name change. It’s a stake in the ground, as FullCircl seeks to enter a new and distinct market category. The Customer Lifecycle Intelligence (CLI) proposition means FullCircl customers in regulated industries can address many of the costliest, time-consuming and critical challenges by helping them win the right customers based on business requirements and risk appetite, accelerate onboarding through automated and perpetual KYC, AML and credit checks and keep customers for life through proactive engagement and in-life customer care.

Customer Lifecycle Intelligence from FullCircl offers a single solution to make better decisions across every stage of the customer lifecycle, ultimately helping companies “do better business, faster”. It combines advanced data ingestion, validation, and augmentation via web app or API, to deliver the onboarding and in-life experiences today’s businesses need and customers demand. The company does this for its customers who use digital and traditional channels of engagement with over 600 customers who already trust FullCircl. FullCircl uniquely offers:

  • The best-verified business data with advanced data ingestion, validation, and augmentation through its Business Information Graph (B.I.G) updated daily providing over 270 million connections which are often not present at Companies House and other sources.
  • Business automation rules – a low-code decision engine that allows financial institutions to codify policies for credit and risk, or advanced pre-qualification applying these rules at the point of need.
  • User-friendly applications are purpose-built for Relationship Professionals – attractive and easy-to-use applications for the front, middle and back-office teams.
  • Enterprise-grade APIs – pre-packaged APIs with targeted endpoints that solve specific data challenges available in combination with rules-based automation.

FullCircl CEO, Andrew Yates, explained “In a nutshell, we help our customers find, engage with, and quickly onboard the right customers, and then keep them for life. Customer Lifecycle Intelligence is vital in every step of that process which if done well creates a virtuous circle. We couldn’t think of a better name given the fact we help with every stage of the customer journey – we go full-circle.”

Justin Fitzpatrick, COO of FullCircl, added: “Today marks a new chapter in our evolution as we unveil our bold vision for the future. The cost to acquire and serve continues to rise. Regulated businesses need to find customers that fit their business and risk profile faster, onboard them quicker while satisfying legal and regulatory requirements, and keep them for life to grow and scale efficiently. FullCircl is on a mission to help them do just that. With FullCircl businesses can move really fast, whether its automated data collection and critical checks, ensuring compliance, confidently targeting the right customers, or growing advocacy through frictionless onboarding and support. We give them the speed to succeed.”