Book Cover - 6-Minute Core Strength


Book Cover – 6-Minute Core Strength

This might be a great solution to build strength and get a great posture in a short time. 

As the author says it is only about ‘6-Minute Core Strength: Simple Core Exercises to Improve Posture, Build Balance, and Relieve Back Pain’

The book is an opportunity to have real and precise guidelines on how to make your posture better, as spine health is the most important thing in our lives, as it says, your age is your spine, and in my opinion and my life experience shows, that this is a reality.

Dr. Jonathan Su is a Fitness Expert and Professional, Physical Therapist, who has a special background to help us in this matter. This publication can help people to strengthen their muscles, optimize spine health and alleviate pain, which is very important in our daily lifestyle, in this Era of sitting.

This bestselling author has built a solid career in fitness programs, regardless of weight, age, or fitness level.

“Most people think of the core as simply the rectus abdominis muscles, otherwise known as the ‘six-pack’ muscles on the front of the abdomen,” said Dr. Su. “But your core is much more than that. The core is the center of your body and it’s made up of layers of muscles that surround the front, the sides, and the back of your torso. The core is essential for just about every movement we do and activity we perform. This is true for people of all ages and fitness levels in daily life and sports activities.”

As the author says, core strength is truly important, in my opinion, is the most important thing to have a healthy and happy life, not just for muscles, but for the spine, too, and to release serotonin levels, dopamine, and so on; to have a healthy metabolism. It’s also important in nutrient assimilation, not just for those who practice sports fitness, but for everyone.

The readers can explore more than 25 of the most effective exercises. This is a big help for everyone, personalized to people’s fitness level by improving daily posture, relieving pain, improving balance.

As I had problems in the past with my back, neck, and spine, for me was a big issue to start to strengthen those and to stop the pain, the really annoying sensations, the headaches, vertigo, and even motion sickness. We have a car-based, technology-based, and poor posture-based life, which can be improved only by a conscious lifestyle, good nutrition, exercise, and posture improving, strengthening special movements.

I haven’t read the book, but I am really enthusiastic to do it, as I myself had those issues and I improve my life with little steps, but closer and closer to a better ME.

Dr. Su is the co-author of the clinical textbook “Netter’s Orthopaedic Clinical Examination,” the bestselling author of “6-Minute Fitness at 60+,” and host of the Get-Fit Guy podcast. He holds credentials as a physical therapist, an IAYT yoga therapist, and has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology.

Dr. Jonathan Su