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Conscious Shopping Made Easy with goodbuy Shopping Tool

An easy button for conscious shopping is now available to download

It is FREE, easy-to-use, intercepts online shopping searches.

goodbuy integrates into our existing shopping habits, providing the exact product we’d like from the small businesses to help and support. This browser extension helps consumers find products they’re shopping for values-aligned businesses: AAPI-owned, American made, Black-owned, certified ethical, cruelty-free, family-owned, Indigenous-owned, Latina/o/x-owned, LGBTQIA+ owned, local, owners with disabilities,  sustainable, vegan, veteran-owned, and women-owned.”

As Cary Fortin (co-founder of goodbuy) said: “We built goodbuy as a response to an undeniable need from a growing group of conscious consumers,”

Finally, goodbuy hopes to divert more opportunities to small businesses that are struggling to compete with the SEO, marketing budget, and name recognition of the big guys. Unfortunately, more than 200,000 small businesses have closed due to the pandemic.

So, goodbuy is a browser extension that makes it very simple to shop what you want and support who you want!

Now, it is downloadable!