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Meet Dr. Robin Kiera, our guest from Day 1 at The Hipther Festival, who will talk about the ethics in tech and an overview of DeFi (DECENTRALIZED FINANCE).

Dr. Robin Kiera is the Founder and CEO of Digitalscouting, renowned speaker, author, and top-ranked insurance and finance influencer. Also known as the “Rebel of the Industry” and an attention hacker, Robin lives in the stages of conferences and events, sharing unreserved opinions about insurance, finance, and other timely topics. Nothing can stop Robin from driving companies to climb up the ladder of digital transformation. Aside from providing consultancy services through Digitalscouting. He also started a weekly live show featuring the biggest names in the industry spilling innovative ways, tech trends, latest data, secret sauces, and many other key tools in achieving success.

Tune in on the 8th of November, to hear him express his thoughts on “ETHICALLY DESIGNED TECHNOLOGY & DEMYSTIFYING DECENTRALIZED FINANCE”

HIPTHER FESTIVAL XXI will span over 5 days between 8-12 November, and the sessions can be joined via ZOOM, YouTube, or in NEOS Metaverse in collaboration with ViARsys.

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