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Our next guest at Hipther Festival XXI is Lloyd Danzig, who will talk about investing in artificial intelligence and sports.

Lloyd is the Founder & Managing Partner of Sharp Alpha Advisors, a consultancy and advisory firm specializing in sports betting startups, venture capital, M&A, and technology. He is also the Chairman & Founder of the International Consortium for the Ethical Development of Artificial Intelligence, a 501(c)(3) non-profit NGO dedicated to ensuring that rapid developments in the field of AI are made with a keen eye toward the long-term interests of humanity. Lloyd is an accomplished TEDx speaker and a frequent guest on acclaimed podcasts, recently having appeared on AI in the Wild, The Business of Betting Podcast, GambleOn, Sports Predictor, and The Knup Sports Show. He is also the Co-Host of The AI Experience, a podcast providing an accessible analysis of relevant AI news and topics. His advisory firm provides critical strategic guidance to startups, investors, and financial institutions in the sports gaming space while also serving as an independent touchpoint between the world’s most prominent gaming operators, suppliers, regulators, venture capital funds, and angel syndicates. Lloyd serves as the Co-Chairman of the CompTIA AI Advisory Council, a committee of preeminent thought leaders focused on establishing industry best practices that benefit businesses while protecting consumers. He previously managed institutional portfolios for BlackRock, data science initiatives for Samsung, and Machine Learning engines for sportsbook operators.

Tune in on the 8th of November  to hear him express his thoughts about  “INVESTING IN AI AND SPORTS”

HIPTHER FESTIVAL XXI will span over 5 days between 8-12 November, and the sessions can be joined via ZOOM, YouTube, or in NEOS Metaverse in collaboration with ViARsys.

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