RV Mattresses gained immense popularity in the years following the introduction of Recreational vehicles in 1910. These mattresses were largely bought by campers who wished to spend extended periods camping around. Campers could thereby roam around in the comfort of their home. Earlier, many campers used to complain of not being able to enjoy their camp to the fullest because of their disturbed sleep. It is impossible to enjoy your trip when you are sluggish, sleepy, and have aches and pains throughout your body. It has been a long time since we said goodbye to these discomforts.

After all, who would say no to a night of quality sleep especially if it is within your reach?.

RV mattresses are available in the market in different sizes and types. It is necessary to select the right mattress which goes in with the little space you have because it could otherwise ruin your sleep thereby making your journey less enjoyable. To help you make the right selection let’snowexplorethevarioustypesofRVmattressesandtheirsizes.

RV Mattress Sizes

It is important to keep in mind that the RV mattress sizes are not the same as the regular mattress sizes. It is advised to refer to the camper mattress size chart before proceeding to purchase one.

The popular RV size mattresses that are in demand in the market are:

Truck Size Mattress

The size of this mattress ranges from 35 ” by 79 ” to 42 ” by 80 “. It is generally purchased for use in trucks. This type is recommended for tall individuals.

Bunk Size Mattress

If you are planning to take your family out camping in your family RV, this bunk size mattress can make all the difference. There is no need for unnecessary worries as this can assure your family a quality sleep. The range sizes in which they are usually available are;

28 ” by 75 ” to 30 ” by 80 “. It is always advised to measure the dimensions of your RV before purchasing one.

Twin Mattress

These mattresses are ideal for small spaced RVs as they are small and compact.They can be folded and kept.They are the most commonly used type.Their Size ranges from 28″by75″ to 30″by80″ and can adapt to different spaces. They can serve the dual purpose of a mattress-cum-seater, as they can be folded.

RV Full Or Double Mattress.

The usual size of this mattress is 53 ” by 75 “. They differ in size from the regular full or double mattress which is used in houses, as these mattresses are smaller. However, they are very worth the price.

Queen RV Mattress

They are normally available in 3 sizes:

  • Standard queen size, measuring 60 ” by 80 “
  • The three quarter queen mattress measuring 48 ” by 75 “
  • The short queen RV mattress measures 60 ” by 75 “.

When compared with the queen mattress which is meant for use in houses, these Queen RV mattresses are way shorter.

King RV Mattress

This size is generally recommended for tall individuals. They are slimmer by an inch ( 72 ” by 80 “) from the king mattresses which are available in the market for house use. They can comfortably provide accommodation for 2 to 3 adults or 4 kids.

RV Mattress Types

 Foam Type

The comfort level offered by this type of RV mattress is not very satisfying. Nevertheless, this type is resistant to dust and thus is helpful for those who are sensitive to dust.

Memory Foam Type

The memory foam type can adapt to shapes. This, therefore, helps in relieving pressure points and is very helpful in pain relief. If you are a person with high physical demands then this can be the mattress of choice for you. In addition, it has the feature of temperature regulation which makes it ideal for use in humid climates. The temperature regulation capacity is due to the presence of cooling gels or beads and the open cell structure of this mattress.

A combination that is worth trying is that of memory foam below you and a throw blanket above you as this can assure you a night of good sleep. There are several types of throw blankets available in markets such as woolen and linen. However, you can choose one of your choices to make your experience memorable.

Latex Type

This is the most expensive type of RV mattress available so far. This type also offers features of contouring to the body as the memory foam type. It offers features of being light weighted and highly durable at the same time. It is also resistant to dust and mites which makes it a choice for individuals allergic to dust. As it doesn’t contain any chemicals, it is said to be a nature-friendly type of RV mattress.

Innerspring Type

This type is not durable. The steel coils present within this mattress leaves it at the risk of rusting. However, it is best for use in the hot climate and is least recommended for use in the humid climate. This type is generally not good for use in RVs.

Air Mattress

As the name suggests this type of RV mattress is light weighted and is also not long-lasting, thereby making it a bad choice. They don’t sufficiently support the body. Hence, it is not ideal for use for long periods


The advent of recreational vehicles has opened a fresh industry for mattresses which are meant specifically for these RV vehicles. The idea of carrying the comfort of your home even while camping is fulfilled now in the dawn of recreational mattresses. It is crucial to select the right mattress and knowledge regarding the products available on market is necessary to make the right choice. One must also note the factors such as space availability, maintenance, the material of the mattress, its durability, and quality before purchasing your recreational mattress.

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