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Tere (Hello in Estonian)!

Have you planned a trip to Estonia?

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  1. Geography and Demographics


Estonia is one of the three Baltic States, with Latvia and Lithuania, but bears more resemblance to Finland in terms of culture and language than the other two. Here are some interesting geographical facts about this country spanning a mainland and over 2000 islands:

  • You will find plenty of space, with a population density of 28.4 people per square km – one of the lowest in Europe.
  • Tallinn is the official capital, but it has several other recognized capital cities such as Tartu (cultural capital) and Parnu (summer capital) which change during the year.
  • Amongst the world’s greenest countries with more than 50% green cover.
  • Estonia’s adult literacy rate of about 99.8% is only behind Latvia and (dubiously/surprisingly) North Korea.
  • Life expectancy for women is 10 years longer than men. That explains to an extent why Estonia has a sex ratio of 100:84 in favor of women. So that means plenty of Estonian women to date for foreign men!
  • Estonia’s population has declined from 1989 (1.5 million) to 2018 (1.3 million), though it is now showing an upward trend.
  • Estonia has been voting online since 2005 – the first country in the world to adopt it.
  • Historically speaking, Estonia has been a Lutheran protestant nation. However, the views on religion have changed a lot over the past decades, and at present, it is statistically the least religious country with only 14% of residents considering it to be an essential part of life.
  • Only three cities have a population over 50,000.
  • If you have not found enough reasons to envy the country yet, here is another one – in Tallinn, the official capital city, public transport is free for all residents.
  • And if it at all this information got you planning, Estonia does not accept dual citizenship – yet! 
  1. Business and Technology

As you must have noticed by now, Estonia has plenty of demographic advantages and it has harvested those to the maximum.

Tallinn enjoys the tag of being the Silicon Valley of Europe as it has the highest number of startups per head of population in entire Europe. The globally popular audio/video chat service Skype had a few Estonians behind its invention.

Estonia has consistently been among the top countries in Business Bribery Risk scores and Index of Economic Freedom, thanks to its transparent, efficient and investor-friendly governance.

  1. Sports and Culture

Estonia has UNESCO World Heritage sites. Capital city Tallinn has wonderfully preserved the rich medieval architecture while modernizing itself with times.

  • Ruhnu stave church, built in 1644, is the oldest surviving wooden building in the country.
  • You will find written records of over 133,000 folk songs – one of the biggest in the world.

Kiiking is a sport invented by Estonians. The player is fastened to an enormous standing swing and rotates it full 360 degrees through his skillful “pumping” by squatting and standing at the right moments.

Estonia punches well above its weight in modern games as well, with its strike rate of 25.5 Olympic medals per million population being 8th in the world. You can submit a guest post and get more traffic to your site.

Had enough information to get excited about your trip? Go ahead and we are sure you’ll find more interesting facts.

Head aega (Goodbye in Estonian)!