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Experience Life Outdoors: What to Pack When Going to the Beach

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Going to the beach is one of the most fun days out there is. Whether you want to soak up the sun, go for a swim, or play some sports, all of them are possible at your nearest beach. Not only that, it’s a great place to spend some quality time with friends and family.

It can be hard to decide what to pack for a trip to the beach. Especially if you have a long journey to get there. Let us help you with our guide on what to pack for the beach. We’ll cover what kind of bag you need, essential kit, and a few things to make your trip more fun. Let’s take a closer look!

Best types of bag for the beach

Even if you arrived on your holidays with a suitcase, it’s not the best way to carry your stuff to the beach. The wheels will be no good on the sand! Instead, consider the following.

Duffel Bag

Duffel bags are light and versatile, making them ideal for a trip to the beach. You can easily squeeze them into the car or into the luggage compartment of a bus. They’re also really easy to pack and carry too. If you don’t have a duffel bag, a small daypack style backpack is also a good idea.

Money Belt

Money belts are a great way to keep track of your most important items at the beach. You can even get waterproof ones that you can wear if you go for a dip. If you use one of these, it’s best for things like cash, passports, and any other important documentation. Just remember that if you haven’t got a waterproof money belt, don’t wear it when you go in the sea! 

Dry bag 

Another handy invention for beach days out is the dry bag. It works like a backpack but the material keeps everything inside dry – as long as you close it properly. These are great for surfers, stand up paddleboarders, and anyone looking to do water sports. 

Beach Essentials

Now that you know what kind of bag to take to the beach, let’s take a look at the most important things to put in it! Places to visit in Bangalore.


Sunscreen is an absolute must for any trip to the beach. Be sure to take one that has a high enough factor to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and regularly re-apply it. Even if the weather is cloudy, it’s better not to risk being burned. 


Unless you’re on a very private beach where you can go skinny dipping, it’s best to take a swimsuit with you. That way, you have something to change into and you won’t ruin your clothes in the water. It may seem obvious but it’s very easy to forget!

Microfibre Towel

Microfibre towels are a great way to keep not only you but your stuff dry too. Regular towels can easily stay damp when used, but you won’t find that with a microfibre towel. They’re super useful to have in your bag as they can fold up into tiny spaces. Don’t leave home without yours!


Sunglasses are another important thing to take to the beach to protect yourself from the sun – most specifically your eyes. If you’re doing water sports such as stand up paddle boarding or surfing, get yourself a strap which will stop your sunglasses from falling into the water. 


The last sun protection we’re going to suggest – a hat. Whether it’s a snapback or a wide-brimmed hat, these are great for protecting your face and neck (depending on how you wear it). Even if you have thick hair, it’s possible to burn your scalp. So this will add an extra layer of protection and peace of mind. 


Is there a more annoying feeling than walking around with sand in your shoes? Avoid that by taking a pair of flip flops or sandals to the beach. Not only do they make it much more comfortable to walk on the sand, but they’re also easy to clean and you won’t have any trouble getting the sand out of them.

Spare clothing/shoes

An extra set of clothes and shoes are a beach essential. After all, if you’ve only got one set of clothes you won’t want to get them too dirty or sandy and be uncomfortable on your journey home! Because clothes can get easily damaged at the beach, it’s best to bring something cheap and cheerful that you won’t be too upset if you can’t wear it to a party or a meal out. 

Fun things to pack for the beach

Now that we’ve done essentials, let’s round off our list with some fun stuff. 

Stand up paddleboard

Are your family or friends getting on your nerves? Do you wish you could just have some time alone on the water without them? Well, now you can. Stand up paddleboarding is a great way to embrace nature and get a workout at the same time. For beginners, it’s best done on flat water, but if there are a lot of waves you could try to surf SUP too. Check out GILI Sports for more information on all things SUP!


You don’t have to be on a tropical beach to be curious about what’s underneath the waves. A snorkel can bring you closer to the underwater world – and it’s a great activity to do with kids too!

Sports equipment

Beaches aren’t just places to chill out, relax, and paddle. You could make things competitive – especially if you’re part of a big group. If you have enough space, make a soccer pitch or a tennis court. Of course, you’ll have to remember to bring bats and balls!

Beach chairs/umbrella/toys

When you’ve finished your sports game or round of stand up paddleboarding, it’s time to chill out you can also carry portable backyard oasis. Where better to immerse yourself in a good book than on a beach chair under an umbrella? If you have small children, bring them some toys to play with too.


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