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Innovate is a global initiative by Masdar City providing a platform for innovation-focused startups to showcase their technologies and solutions to international investors. Swedish SustainTech company Wayout is picked as one of twenty participants and will highlight how their innovations can revolutionize drinking water supply around the planet.

Wayout Smart Tap is a connected water dispenser and is connected to the cloud and communicates water info and consumption data.

Wayout offers sustainable modern solutions for local production and distribution of safe drinking water. Wayout’s solar-powered microfactories treat water from any source, including sea water. The treated water is remineralised and distributed in refillable stainless-steel vessels and dispensed through smart taps. Wayout’s system is digitally connected where data is used to communicate info about the water and to optimize the circular distribution. A single Wayout system provides 2,000 persons with perfect drinking water while preventing up to 483 tons of greenhouse gasses and 5.7 million single use plastic bottles from entering the ecosystem yearly.

Masdar City, the world’s most sustainable city and a leading hub for innovation launched Innovate to identify and nurture the next generation of sustainable technologies. The global initiative will focus on the areas of water, urban mobility, clean energy, energy storage, artificial intelligence, agritech and food security.

”In modern history, the Gulf region is known for providing the energy and related technology that has powered human development. The next chapter written here is all about how we as humanity can transition to renewable energy and sustainable development by applying the technological expertise and innovation culture that has emerged to become the true natural resource of this region. Wayout is as honored as excited to have been selected to partake in such an inspiring melting pot of innovators and real changemakers”, says Martin Renck, co-founder and Creative Director at Wayout International.

As part of its year-round program, Innovate has also partnered with Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW), one of the world’s largest sustainability gatherings, to host the Innovate hub at the World Future Energy Summit. On January 19th, Wayout’s co-founder and Creative Director Martin Renck will participate in a panel discussion moderated by UAE Minister of Climate Change, H.E. Mariam bint Mohammed Saeed Hareb Almheiri.

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week will be taking place from Saturday January 15th – Wednesday January 19th, 2022.