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The pandemic might have been damaging for most industries around the world but not the tech industry. Technology firms have just tightened their grip on global business by getting bigger. To put this into perspective, tech businesses have claimed a record 177 spots on this year’s Global 2000 list put together by Forbes.

Tech companies have adopted the new norms of the world and the ways forward. There are now more options for Remote IT Support which allows them to serve more customers. There have been many new innovations that many businesses have capitalised on. Technology is without a doubt the most powerful sector which has been shaping the world economy through new trends and transformational changes. Below is a list of some of the biggest tech companies in 2021.


Apple Inc should come as no surprise as the world’s biggest most profitable company in the world. This is due to their successful brand which earned them an incredible revenue of $260 billion dollars in 2020.

Apple devices have grown exponentially in popularity around the world. Many people prefer their brand to many others. If you’re one of the many Managed Service Providers UK Businesses trust, you know all about Apple devices and how people love to use them. They may be known for their Laptops and iPhones, but they have diversified into a wide range of other products like the Smartwatch, iPod tablets, Television and Accessories. Their brand has become so strong that it is admired by many other brands.


What many people do not know is that Samsung is actually a South Korea based multinational electronics company. They are the world’s largest mobile manufacturing company, but they also known for their other electronic devices. Their other devices include batteries, IC chips, hard disk, image sensors and cameras.

Samsung is the biggest competitor to Apple in terms of their mobile devices. Samsung’s mobile brands like Galaxy S, Z and note Series contributes 40% to the top line of the company. They have a crazy large revenue of $197.705 billion which cannot be matched by other companies.


Foxconn is a Taiwanese electronics contract manufacturing company that is the world’s largest employers. They employ 1.29 million workers across the globe which makes it the largest private sector employer in China.

Foxconn provides all major brands and manufactures customized electronic products which is required by the vendor. They have made many products that most of us may have used but never stopped to wonder who made them. They have produced products such as the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nintendo, Blackberry, Google Pixel, Redmi phones and PlayStation. They generated as revenue of $178.896 billion.


People who use the internet have most likely used Google but not many people know that their parent company is known as Alphabet Inc. Alphabet invests in innovative technology that is for the future. Some interests of theirs has been projects like the self-driving car, life-extension R&D company Calico, smart home project Nest. Alphabet is an American multinational company that earned a revenue of $161.857 billion.


Microsoft is one of the most expensive brands in the tech industry which is why they have a revenue of $125.843 billion. They absolutely dominate the world of the personal computer software market.. Microsoft Windows operating system generates significant profits for the company. They have recently changed their focus to new innovative technologies that include blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud computing.


Most people think that every big company stems from America. But Huawei is another giant of the tech industry that is in fact a Chinese technology company. They become of the biggest suppliers of consumer electronics and caters to the telecom industry.

Huawei designs and develops telecommunications equipment to some of the biggest companies in the world such as British Telecom, Motorola, Bell Canada and Vodafone. They have now become a colossus product manufacturer of mobile phones, Smart Tv, Tablet computers, dongles and smartwatches. Their new well renowned brand has earned them a revenue of $124.316 billion.