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Say hello to Henrietta Lukács, our next guest on The HIPTHER FESTIVAL, who will share her thoughts about online learning and less in-person socializing.

Henrietta Lukács was born and grew up in the city of Târgu Mureș, Romania. She is currently doing her bachelor’s in the Netherlands. She is a second-year Public Administration student in Enschede, at the University of Twente. Besides her studies, she also has a part-time job in a future-proof environment, in a lab within the University where they aim – through design thinking – to look into the bottom of societal challenges and to find solutions for them. She describes herself as a person “up for challenges, eager to learn and develop herself and to experience as many adventures as possible.”

Tune in on the 9th of November to hear her discussion about  “HOW IS GEN Z ADAPTING TO ONLINE LEARNING AND LESS IN-PERSON SOCIALIZING”

HIPTHER FESTIVAL XXI will span over 5 days between 8-12 November, and the sessions can be joined via ZOOM, YouTube, or in NEOS Metaverse in collaboration with ViARsys.

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