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Technology has taken great leaps and bounds in recent decades. From smart devices to cars, technology is everywhere in our lives. The effects of this are both good and bad, as with anything. The positives include convenience, easier communication, and even advances in medicine. With these positives, we unfortunately also have to deal with the negatives. 



The Costs and Rewards of Technology

We can’t have positives without some negatives. The two need to balance each other out. Technology has given us advances in science and medicine, but it has also given us more problems related to mental health. The key to balancing the two is to be aware of how technology can affect us. If we’re aware of the effects, then we can better live harmoniously with technology.


The Positives of Technology

One of the most significant ways that people benefit from modern technology is with communication. Staying in touch with friends and family is easier and more convenient than ever, especially for those of us whose loved ones live far away. People used to spend long periods without seeing or talking to their family, but now with cellphones and the internet, distance isn’t an issue anymore.

When calling or Facetiming isn’t enough, traveling is no longer as taxing as it used to be. There are so many options for travel, and it’s faster and cheaper than ever before.

In the healthcare field, no one can deny the incredible advances that we have made. Illnesses are now easier to diagnose, successfully treat, and even prevent with things like vaccines. The human race would not be where it is today if it was not for the medical improvements that we have made.


The Negatives of Technology

With any good thing comes some not-so-good things, especially with technology which is so prevalent in our everyday lives. It is impossible nowadays to live without using any technology at all. One thing we have to deal with is becoming overly dependent on technology. Many people even have a hard time functioning without the technological advances that they are used to.

Many studies show how social media and the internet negatively impact our mental health and attention span. People who frequently skim social media tend to have concentration issues and increased risks of anxiety and depression.


Finding the Balance

We can’t live without technology nowadays, but living with it introduces a price we have to pay. However, raising awareness of how technology can negatively impact us can hopefully limit the harm that it does to us. We can use our smartphones to keep in touch with our loved ones but not overuse the internet to the point that it affects our mental health.

We can take social media breaks every so often to give our brains a break and keep anxiety at bay. We can use planes to visit our faraway friends and also remain conscious of the impact that fossil fuels have on the environment.


Technology Can be a Great Resource in Moderation

Creativity and innovation are only going to keep improving. It is ingrained in us as humans to be creative and improve ourselves. With that being said, knowing technology is a crucial part of our lives, we need to make sure we keep up on its impacts and how it affects us. Both the positives and the negatives are important to consider when deciding how much technology to allow into our lives.

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