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What is SEO backlink strategy? It’s a number of steps that will get you the result you want. This includes looking for relevant sources you can post guest posts with links at, writing those articles, improving your website content, etc.

The strategies for SEO improvement are plenty. However, there are certain rules you should follow to make any technique flourish with outreach, traffic, and leads.

Here are 5 tips that will create a backlink strategy that works!

1. Choose Proper Keywords

SEO is all about keywords. Whether you’re choosing some for a guest post or an anchor, do it wisely. The goal here is to match the words and phrases with searchers’ queries on Google. There’s a tool called Google Suggest that will help you find out what exactly they are looking for in your niche.

The easiest way to get proper keywords is to open the main Google page and start typing. For example, for “backlink s”, you get:

  • Backlink SEO;
  • Backlink SEO strategy;
  • Backlink search;
  • Backlink services;
  • Backlink strategy 2021, etc.

Choose one and investigate the first 10 results. See the patterns like used keywords, questions, meta titles and descriptions, etc.

Some of these things will soon enough bring you to the top of this SERP as well.

Keep in mind that:

  • Long-tail keywords (with more additional words) are less competitive than short-tail ones;
  • You should aim for long-tail keywords when possible, writing awesome content and jumping to the top, beating low competition;
  • They will give you a faster ranking;
  • Create an initial list of at least 10 keywords using Google Suggest. To get more long-tail kw’s, continue typing your query, and you’ll get new suggestions with every new word;
  • Use additional tools by SEMrush or Ubersuggest.


2. Write Content That Will Beat Competition in These 2 Ways

How are you building backlink strategy that will beat the competition? First of all, you create content according to the keywords you want to target either:

  • Differently;
  • Better

How to create different content?

You see the patterns most top pages use, right? Many people will see the same information on 2 similar pages and leave. But if you change the title a little bit and switch on your creativity, more people will visit your website because they are looking for diversity.

The goal here is to stand out.

Writing about SEO tactics for business? Add a couple of new ones that you personally use to spice the article up.

Writing an essay template? Don’t Google for ideas, brainstorm yourself and write something fresh.

How to create better content?

Choose a qualitative or quantitative approach. The first one needs more research, critical thinking, credible sources, quotes, etc. You have to put all the effort into such content and make it sophisticated. Be sure to write like a professional. The goal here is to show you’re better.

The quantitative approach also requires professionalism. People won’t stay for long if you have content of poor quality. However, instead of “3 Best SEO Recommendations” do 5, 10, or even 50.


3. Use Additional Tools and Services

Never underestimate additional services and tools SEO and backlink specialists offer.

Using business SEO tools will automate many processes and make it easier to achieve traffic and monetization goals. Why hire a whole team when you can outsource and use online instruments. Google has great ones, by the way, helping you follow its rules and get to the top legally.

The success of your backlink generation strategy depends on the additional services and instruments you use. They save you time, effort, and fear. For example, if you’re afraid to buy backlinks or aren’t sure your techniques are working out, click this link and you’ll be redirected to the service that will improve the backlink SEO strategy of your business.

Another example is learning to use chatbots for online marketing strategy creating because it provides a 1-on-1 conversation with a potential client. It will become a great addition to your backlink strategy. Ask people who like the conversation to share a link on their website or social media and you’ll get much more traffic.


4. Avoid Being Penalized

Building a seemingly amazing SEO strategy and getting penalized soon after just don’t match, right? However, simple mistakes may bring you to the black list. While it’s possible to get out of it, of course, it’s much better to be on the light side (even if you use dark side methods occasionally).

Here are some of the mistakes to avoid:

  • Poor backlinks.
    Having your website mentioned on spammy and scammer sources may get you penalized. There is a whole group of bad links you should avoid at all costs. If you see one, make sure to remove its value using Google Disavow Tool;
  • Over advertising yourself.
    Buying hundreds of backlinks in one go or making such a breakthrough otherwise will seem like a lie to Google. Unless you have actually become a start overnight, such tactics may make you end up on the black list;
  • Over advertising on your website.
    Having too many ads on your source as a way to monetize it will drive people away and seem like this is a spammy site to the search engine. It’s also distracting and has no aesthetics whatsoever.

Make sure you only have backlinks on relative websites (if it’s tier 1 links), and proceed to the next step.


5. Evaluate Your Backlinks

On a monthly basis, analyze your backlink profile and see where you have gaps or what links don’t suit the neat statistics of your website.

For example, if you have a local business, having a backlink on a source in a different country doesn’t make any sense. The times have gone when only the quantity of backlinks mattered. It’s all about the quality now:

  • Make sure you only cooperate with medium to high-rating websites. Credible sources will bring you to the top sooner than you think. To check such statistics, use Moz tools or other instruments that help you gather data;
  • Also, see where your competitors are mentioned and not you. Consider contacting webmasters of those websites and ask to mention you as well. Make sure you have good reasoning for them;
  • See if there are mentions of yourself, your brand, website, etc. without a link. Always negotiate the linking; it’s pretty easy to do at this stage because you already have a mention.

If you analyze and adjust your backlink profile regularly, there will be no need to change your strategies until Google updates its algorithms again. By the way, you should always look for these updates to improve your technique in time.


Build a Strategy and Follow It to Reach Success

There are many more rules and tips to follow, but start with these and be consistent. In a month, you’ll see significant improvements in your backlink strategy. Keep this list as a sample for your future campaigns.

Don’t forget that there are incredible services and tools out there that will help you make some processes automatic. Monitor your backlink profile and try to give people what they want. Do it in style and become better than the competition!


About the author: Nancy P. Howard has been working as a journalist at the online magazine in London for a year. She is also a professional writer in such topics as blogging, IT and marketing.