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Spotify stands today as one of the top music streaming apps in the world. Providing a new musical universe for artists, Spotify has thousands of daily active users using the app. Having a wide variety of songs available all over the world, artists aim at releasing their music on Spotify via distribution services to get more followers, listeners, and likes on their songs. Not only musicians, but podcasts have also been doing extremely well along with playlists made by curators.


It can be a difficult process to get more plays or listeners on your songs because of which this process has been made easier where you have the option to buy Spotify playlist followers, listeners, and plays on your songs which will reach your account instantly and help you get the exposure that you have been working so hard for.

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Spotify Essentials – For the Artists


  • Being a Spotify Artist can really help you grow as a musician and get your own fan following and possibly build a community. While listening to their favorite artist people often searches for Upcoming concerts near me. Uploading your songs on Spotify, pitching them so they can get featured on Editorial playlists, followed by sharing your music on media platforms is a long and detailed process that should be followed the right way to get more fans of your music. Simple factors like uploading good quality music and attractive album art are what can help you get more listeners to your songs. Being original is something that every artist should aspire to be. When your followers listen to your songs, they should be listening to something original and something that defines you and your art.


  • Coming to your marketing strategy, some of the easier pointers to remember are to share your music as much as possible. Social Media platforms can really help you get more fans on your songs along with coming in contact with other people just like you. Collaborations recently have been very effective towards getting a fan following. You must remember that if you want people to listen and support your music, you will have to do the same because this is not a one-way situation. Sending your music to Spotify a week before your song release can help you get featured on editorial playlists along with “pre-saves” which boost engagement on your Spotify account.


  • Certain music blogs have been putting out articles on a daily basis to give this social platform to musicians who are under the radar and this is where you can get featured. Writing to bloggers so your song get featured may not lead to you being featured on your first try but be humble and keep in contact with the bloggers


  • Considering how followers and listeners on your Spotify account may not increase despite you sharing your music across all social media platforms and spending weeks just promoting your music, you now have the option to buy Spotify followers, plays, and listeners through websites like SpotifyStorm which guarantee you real followers and avoiding any kind of fraud.


These are certain ways that can help artists get significant growth in their fan following on Spotify and get more of the exposure that they have been working so hard for.