New Tech That is Enhancing the NFL Experience for All

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New Tech That is Enhancing the NFL Experience for All

American football has always been one of the sports at the forefront of adopting new technology, not only to enhance the viewing pleasure of the fans, but also to improve how players and coaches approach playing it.

Such moves are often met with resistance at first, as the NFL old-guard rail against any perceived damage that technology could be doing to the sport.

However, with some exceptions aside, technology has largely been welcomed with open arms by all those invested in the NFL.

Here are some of those applications of tech solutions that have pushed the game forward in recent years.

Technology is altering the way fans view the big game

Instant Replays Are Good for Fans and Match Officials

Without doubt the biggest game-changing piece of tech for football fans, commentators, and referees is the instant replay.

The modern version has become so advanced that cameras can pivot to view a play from almost any angle, combining with incredible zoom capabilities, so that you the spectator always knows if a touchdown has been scored and whether those NFL betting odds you backed were good value or not.

Match officials now have an array of tools at their disposal in order to ensure they make the right call

The 1st Down Marker Made Obsolete

Nothing beats the excitement of waiting to see if your favorite running back has squeezed out the extra yard he needs to get an all-important 1st down.

This process used to be a long and drawn-out affair, with the old rope and marker taking ages to make the call.

These days the yellow line overlay tech from Sportvision enables the game to flow better, with it being made clear if a 1st down has been achieved or not.

Playbooks Have Been Burnt in Favor of Tablets

With the digitization of the game taking place all over, one of the first things to go was every head coach’s bible – the hallowed playbook.

Rather than everything being noted down on paper, and open to the elements, playbooks are now stored on iPads and other mobile devices so that quarterbacks and coordinators alike can quickly remind themselves of who should be where on the field.

Helmet Audio Keeps Everyone in the Loop

Helmets are a constant subject of debate in the NFL, with doubts about their safety or even if they should be used at all rampant among the game’s followers.

One undoubted positive that the most up to date helmets bring to bear is the audio capability they have, enabling teams to communicate better while also giving fans an inside track on how an elite football team interacts, and even how it celebrates.