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Websites cannot start trending magically in a certain way.If your site looks outdated, it will harm your business. And that’s for sure!

The majority of web design trends are not new. It is just that they have come to the forefront all over again with some improvisations. With the fast-changing technology, web design trends are also changing.

Website features and design elements that were once considered innovative and modern might now be exhausted and overdone. Staying current with the top standards in the web designing arena is crucial for any company’s success. Be modern, relevant, and trendy with these five standards mentioned below:

1. Algorithmic Design is All the Rage

Web design is increasingly being automated. However, this does not explicitly mean that web designers have become outmoded. It’s just that algorithms help them get more time to be a bit more creative with their designs.

More and more web designers have got their hands on using customized tools. These tools possess the ability to amplify the design procedure by merely automating certain aspects. This blended approach has benefited the designers by releasing them from the pressure of tracking guidelines and freeing time.

It even offers them extra energy required for focusing on the more creative aspects of web designing. They ultimately come up with design systems and websites that would not be possible to be executed with the use of traditional tools.

Experts in this field are of the view that not everything needs to be created using tools like InDesign, Figma, or Photoshop. Instead, workflows combining custom and project-specific tools with the traditional ones can be designed. This further enables the design teams to work more efficiently and deliver better results.


2. Use of Minimalist/Simplistic Design with the Amalgamation of White Space

Websites in simple designs and elements are more attractive than the complex ones. Therefore, the minimalist or simplistic web design trend has been acquired by the majority of professional designers. And it’s right on the working cards of the newer creative who have just had their introduction in the field.

One of the best things about the minimalist design trend is that it keeps evolving while looking classy and modern at the same time. Professional designers define simplistic web design in several varied ways.

But in originality, it refers to creating a website with a lot of white space or websites that do not have distractive elements. The catch here is elegantly using this design trend.

What should be included is a simple image of the product in white background. This asymmetrical layout automatically draws the attention of the users to the content.


3. AI and Chatbots Are the Hottest Trends

It is probably the best web design Houston has to offer! These days, most of the websites use artificial intelligence or AI for providing the customer’s awesome experiences with the help data received from customers using patterns. AI will help transform the users’ journey and make it better by including suggestions from them. 

AI works very well even if you use illustrations or 3D animations on the website. It helps the users in knowing the products or services offered by the company easily. In 2017, only 2% of the customers used chatbot technology whereas now it has become 25%, as per the report of Gartner, Inc. 

Moreover, the number of clients using a website with virtual customer assistants is being expected to reach 85% by the end of 2020. It is because most of the users want a company that is available all day and night.

Thus, chatbots will guide you to get all the answers at any time of day and night which is otherwise impossible if you have a live chat option. VCA can even book your registrations and direct you to a particular page or product according to your requirement. 


4. Micro Animations Are In 

Micro-interactions were the talk of the town in 2019. Small, large, rapid, and slow – the user interface has seen all sorts of dynamic elements. While a few of these merged with the general UI elements, some were quite innovative, and they changed the fundamentals of UI. This was a huge trend, and this will continue in the coming year too. 

If you follow the tendency, you will notice that both the audience and web developers are eager to move to dynamic interfaces from the static ones. Thus, they are embracing dynamic effects, non-static backdrops, animations, micro-interactions, and also transitions. This way, the website becomes more visually appealing, keeping the loading time the same. 

Now, all the users want to get an interactive website, which will make them participate in the user experience instead of just observing them. Swipe, hover, tap, and scroll animations are the key to make the website more intuitive. These offer the users guidance, feedback, and also affirmation instantly. Thus, if you keep up with the next web design trend, sprucing some life into your website is a must.


5. Vintage or Retro-Styled Web Designs

Well, retro-styled web designs are back, and they are back with a bang! It is all about experiencing the 50s and the 60s inspired retro or vintage style sites making good rounds in the market.

The modern-day designers are now using effects that specifically remind the users of the past golden era. These include black-and-white images, faded colors, classic pictures, and vintage typography.

The retro-styled web design theme is largely influenced by different forms of media such as magazines and televisions of the pre-internet age.


The Takeaway

Now that you have a bit of understanding about the latest web design trends, you can consider yourself fully armed and well prepped up to adapt your site to the present era’s requirements. Follow these standards religiously, and they will help you get that grab over prospects that you have long been looking for. Best of luck with your future endeavors!