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Studies show that customers tend to use five central platforms for their daily work and address complaints to the companies. These are voice calls, SMS, social media platforms, live chat, and email services. And the professional is well aware that keeping so many devices for incoming as well as outgoing purposes is a total waste of time.

It decreases the efficiency of the professionals and wastes a lot of resources as well. To curb down these losses, the best affordable option available for the experts is the help desk software Zendesk.

It helps the help desk assistant manage all the calls and outgoing communication without wasting any resources. So the agents can seamlessly operate between channels to provide expert and professional help to the customers.

However, due to the current demand for this software, other companies are launching such beneficial user-friendly platforms to help their customers out. Before diving into the best five self-hosted alternatives available for Zendesk, let us carefully examine the principles of the Zendesk self-hosted platform.

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About Zendesk

Zendesk refers to the powerful, efficient, and cloud-based help desk software that helps customer care executives to provide fast and valuable customer support.

The software happens to be quite famous in the industry for all the right reasons. It provides appropriate scalable customer service tools to the client companies to cater to businesses’ requirements, no matter how big and small they are. It is available in different packages according to the needs of the company.


Benefits of Zendesk

Few essential benefits of using Zendesk are:

  • Flexible ticket management facilities with configurable macros and rules
  • It can help the experts manage thousands of tickets even with a small team without any delays
  • The self-service mode helps you to provide services for 24*7 without any hassles
  • It is ideal for the freelancers who want to provide a professional look to their brands
  • Critical systems like agent productivity, analytics & reporting, social media, Google Apps, WordPress, eCommerce, Atlassian, etc. available
  • Availability of several off-the-shelf integrations along with the third-party applications and API key

Without further explanation, check out the five alternatives that are efficient, readily available, and quite affordable options for your company.


  1. Freshdesk

The first one that makes this list is Freshdesk. It is the ideal application for managing the tickets and offers excellent self-service portal services. It offers you a plethora of services that cater to the business requirements of both small and medium-sized companies without any difficulty.

The application performs seamlessly to cater to your customers’ requirements and helps you to keep them satisfied, establishing the perfect ground for long-term profitability. The application helps you to convert emails to the ticks automatically. You can respond to these tickets quite faster and thus, never miss getting back to your customer queries.

The social helpdesk helps the professional teams to connect with the customers almost from anywhere. You can even convert social media posts into tickets and respond to them without wasting any time. The built-in reports available in the application help you conduct a thorough team performance evaluation to identify the most significant bottlenecks.


2. LiveAgent

The next great alternative to Zendesk is LiveAgent. It is quite renowned among companies for offering various types of time-saving widgets. It offers more robust services as compared to Zendesk. It offers you autofill search features along with active online communities.

It also provides 20+ template reports for the clients to match the targets with the agent performances. As a result, you can identify the drawbacks of your services without any hassles. Therefore, you get to use live ticketing, chat, and automation to provide hassle-free, excellent customer support to the clients.

The updated features of the application offer you an excellent way to resolve the queries way before time. That means you get to use powerful productivity tools to help the agents get an in-depth view of the customers’ interactions to enhance their efficiency and capabilities.


3. Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is the next alternative to Zendesk that you can find in the market.  It combines case management, CRM along with customer support within a single, convenient interface. It is built appropriately to cater to the needs of teams of almost all sizes. 

It comes with Native Salesforce integration and offers comprehensive customer profiling for enhancing both the productivity and performance of your company. The multilanguage vendor support and ability of the analytics to add Artificial Intelligence have made this tool immensely popular. 

Whether it is Facebook or Twitter or email, it lets you use one inbox. With the Lightning App Builder, you can create customized pages with just once click and configure the Lightning apps. 


4. Freshservice

If you need to get IT to help desk features, you must look out for Freshservice. It is not only excellent customer management software, but it works seamlessly for IT products and brands and also B2B companies. It has a friendly pricing scheme as compared to Zendesk. Some of the features include knowledgebase, contract management, domain whitelisting, audit logs, a self-service portal, sandbox, etc. 


5. HubSpot Service Hub

The last one on the list as a profitable alternative to Zendesk is HubSpot Service Hub. The application is available in three basic plans, which are quite an affordable option for the companies.

Unlike Zendesk, this one is available with a comprehensive feature set. It offers you excellent conversational bots to amplify the services without wasting any time. If you want to upgrade your help desk services, this is the ideal option for your company.


Final Recommendation

Apart from these five self-hosted platforms, you can get multiple other alternatives in the market. The question is which one can satisfy your requirements perfectly? The answer quite probably lies in your company requirements only. Hence, figure out the customer support team’s needs before finalizing the product for your company’s benefit.