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How to Choose the Right Proxies to Maximize Success When Sneaker Copping

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You are probably aware that using proxies when sneaker copping is a win/win situation, especially if you are using a bot. The primary role of sneaker proxies is to mask your true IP address and prevent the target website from blocking you out. This is important because top-notch sites feature state-of-the-art classification algorithms to help them figure out whether a human or bot has made the request. 

With the right proxy at your disposal, you will be able to send multiple purchase requests from different IP addresses. You will also be able to choose any locations from the registered ones and send multiple requests. More importantly, you’ll be able to do some sneaker copping even from the area that is restricted by the website.

This sounds amazing; however, choosing the right proxies is difficult for many shoppers. Here is what you can do to maximize success when sneaker copping. 

Free proxies are unreliable

“There are hundreds of free proxies available online, why shouldn’t I use them to cut down expenses?”, you may wonder. The answer is simple — free proxies are unreliable. There are several reasons for us to label them as such.

First of all, the free proxies come with various security issues. One of the recent tests returned troubling results. Free proxies are forcing users to load less secure forms of webpages (HTTP). This leaves all the traffic unencrypted, making it vulnerable to attacks. Some proxies modify HTML and JavaScript codes, and you might end up with malware. 

Free proxies are also free because the companies that run them don’t invest in ensuring the fast speeds and multiple connection points. When sneaker copping, you need access to a fast proxy to ensure that you get your hands on the sneakers before the competition does.

And lastly, free proxies tend to go offline for an undisclosed time. All this simply renders them unreliable for sneaker copping purposes.


Pick proxies close to the target location to maximize speed

While the best proxy companies do invest in infrastructure and software to maximize the speed, physical proximity still plays a significant role. If we assume that two proxy companies have the same level of service quality and you want to do sneakers copping the US, the proxy within the US will always work faster than the proxy in, let’s say, Europe. 

While the company headquarters don’t necessarily have to be in the country where your target website is, it must have a proxy connection point in that country. When choosing a proxy for sneaker copping, you should always look at the list of offered proxy connections and cross-reference it with the websites you are usually using. 

You can always test the speed of the proxy with some of the free tools online, such as Speedtest.


Rotating proxies are the way to go

As we already mentioned, high-authority websites are doing their best to fight off bots. To trick their classification algorithms, you will have to use a different IP address every time you send a request. If you are trying to purchase different snickers and large quantities of them at the same time, you can’t do it from the same IP address. 

Changing an IP address manually before sending another request is a tedious task. That’s where rotating proxies come in to save the day. A rotating proxy will assign a new IP address to you before sending a task, and this happens automatically. Even if you want to send 1,000 requests at a time, a rotating proxy will assign you a new IP address from its pool before the request goes out to a website.

When you want to do a lot of sneaker copping, your best option is to go with a rotating proxy. Make sure to check the features to see whether the proxy company offers this convenient approach.


Country of origin matters

Country of origin matters for several reasons. The country of origin is, in fact, the physical location of the proxy server you are connecting through. One of them we’ve already pointed out. The closer your proxy is to your targeted website, the faster the connection will be. 

The country of origin also matters because of geo-block restriction. Some high-authority sites have a list of geo-blocked locations from which you can’t access them, and you can bypass this only if you are using a proxy in a country that is whitelisted. 

To ensure you are about to invest in a proxy that can help you with sneaker copping, go to your target websites and find out which countries are whitelisted. Next, ensure that the proxy company offers connection points in these countries. That’s it — you’re set.


Compare proxy prices as the final step

Last but not least, you want to compare proxy prices. Not all proxy companies are created equal, and this also applies to their pricing policies. If sneaker copping is an important process in your business model, you’ll be using it in the long term, so you should look at this as an investment.

But to maximize the ROI, you should go with a company that offers affordable proxy services. Now that you know what to look for in a proxy cut for sneaker copping, proxy shopping becomes easier. Find all the proxies that offer the features we discussed, compare the prices, and go with the most affordable one.



A good and reliable proxy is a crucial tool in your sneaker coping toolbox. Every proxy company offers unique services, and with that many on the market, now you can easily choose a proxy suitable for sneaker copping. All the tips we shared will help you regardless of whether you are using bots or you prefer to do sneaker copping manually.


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