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To fight the deadly corona pandemic, Singapore Govt. has launched the Safe entry app. It will help the people of Singapore to check in and check out safely during the pandemic situation. And it will also help the govt. to keep the record of people’s movements in public places.

As we all know the virus is spreading all over the world and every country is taking all necessary steps to control the situation.

Also, a lot of digital campaigns are running to aware people. A lot of apps are launching daily to stop the spread of COVID 19. Singapore govt. has also launched the app to stop the spread of the virus in their country. From the past result, it has been noticed that app is performing very well and providing great results.

Govt. has now made it mandatory for everyone to use it. Many people have a lot of questions regarding it.

In this article, I will discuss everything related to this app. Through this context, you will get to know how to use Singpass and trace together apps for digitally check-in and check out.


What is SafeEntry?

Safe Entry is a digital system launched by the Singapore Government for ensuring the safety of Singapore citizens.

The system is developed for both small and big businessmen. A common man or individual can also use this for his safety.

This App is launched in May 2020 and the main purpose of launching this app was to track the movement of the citizens.

To track the spread of the coronavirus, govt. must have a record of the movement of people. In this way, they can track the movement history of any corona patient and then can easily find the places and people, the patient visited.

It is mandatory to use it for everyone. Whenever anyone visits any public place like office, parks, malls, restaurants, etc, then they need to scan the QR Code using this app before entering and exiting.


How does it work?

Safe Entry works differently for its different types of users. You need to select the appropriate option while signing up form.

After sign up, you need to answer a few questions and then after some time, you will get your QR code. You can use this QR code for entry and exit at any mall or shop. This is mandatory in Singapore to use this system.


Trace together App

You can now use the TraceTogether app with safe entry QR code for digitally check-in and out anywhere. For this, you just need to install the TraceTogether app on your phone and needed an initial app setup.

TraceTogether is an amazing app for your safety. It will notify you immediately if you pass by to the corona suspected person. It ensures a person that he or she is not spreading a virus to his near and dear ones. It is safe to use this app and is available only for Singapore Citizens. You need NRIC, FIN details for signing up with this app or any other valid document which proofs your stay in Singapore.


SingPass App

Now check-in and out is easier with the SingPass app. You can install this app and enjoy the easy check-in with family members up to 5 quickly.


SafeEntry for Business

It is mandatory for business owners to use SafeEntry. They need to visit the official safeEntry website to sign up for their business. It is a simple procedure. You just need your CorpPass account for sign up. After that click on apply for SafeEntry and give the asked details correctly and hit the Submit Request button.


Who can use SafeEntry?

Anyone, who is living in Singapore whether he is a citizen of it or not.

Many people have a question that if they are running a tuition center should they need to signup for SafeEntry?

Yes, In fact, every workplace should deploy SafeEntry for safe check-in and out. Every school, colleges, tuition centers, Malls, shops, factories, banks, shopping markets, hotels, etc. should use it.