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It seems that the motto of modern technology is “the smaller, the better.” We are used to using ever-smaller devices to complete mundane, as well as complex tasks. From sports to medicine and across the entertainment industry, there are at least 7 smart gadgets that are improving our lives.


Racing simulators

Much like airline pilots get to practice in cockpit simulators, so are more and more players able to simulate the perfect kick, pass or swing. You are probably thinking why an athlete would, both professional and amateur simulate actual physical activity but many outdoor sports cannot be played during wintertime.

For example, golfers use various simulators to perfect their swing and stay sharp offseason. On the other side, professional race drivers can use virtual reality to experience new tracks or practice without spending money on fuel and crews. They just need a program and a steering wheel which is a fun gadget to turn. Who knew that playing all those racing simulators as a kid actually pays off!


An interactive ambient light

The gaming steering wheel is an example of a device that is quite interactive. Another such example is an interactive ambient light that changes color when touched. The tactile panels are usually small in size and shaped like hexagons or octagons so they can be made into any shape you like.

Ideally, these lights can be hung above the bed within the reach of your hand so you can manipulate the light inside your room without getting up. Even better, some of these gadgets come with built-in voice commands so you can switch then on and off with ever moving a finger. Finally, interactive ambient lights are killers at children’s parties!


Smart sportswear

Apart from various devices, apps, and simulators, technology has made an impact on sports apparel. We’ve mentioned earlier how simulator and steering wheels help drivers warm up for the big race but other athletes are not missing out much.

In basketball and football, garment manufacturers are working closely with scientists to develop jerseys that will help players sweat less and allowed for their skin to breathe naturally. Not a week goes by that we don’t see a player in some sports don a wacky-looking jersey. However, if the apparel stands the durability test, their teammates quickly embrace such sportswear.


Smartwatches are the new standard

Apart from being interactive, modern gadgets are before all multipurpose devices. By harboring more than one function, they help save time and space for their users. One example of a gadget with multiple functions is a smartwatch.

Modern smartwatches come with multiple functions including a torch, a silent alarm, a fitness tracker, a music player, and even an ECG monitor. No wonder then that smartwatches are immensely popular today, for there isn’t a sphere of life they are not useful for.


A wind detector for hunters (and kids)

Most animals have much more acute senses than humans. This means that hunters are lagging behind before the hunt even begins. However, a novice hunter can turn into a robotic hunting machine with the help of a neat little gizmo called a wind detector.

It is small in size so it is easy to pack but it is waterproof and shock-resistant at the same time. As its name suggests, a wind detector’s main function is to tell you how strong the wind is and which way it is blowing with the push of a button. Apart from hunters, boy scouts use these modern contraptions for orienteering.


Never get lost using a GPS tracker

Anyone who’s passionate about running wants an ever more challenging setting. Traveling to another continent to find the best running path is not uncommon and it has long become an integral part of international sports tourism.

However, trekking through an unfamiliar landscape, especially in the wild, carries the risk of getting lost. This is where good-quality GPS trackers come into play. They will help you get your bearings right in order to stay on track, even if the path is not marked.

You can find GPS trackers online but be sure to look for the right characteristics. Trackers that have several functions, possess the ability to geofence, and compact ones are in vogue this season.


The advent of telemedicine

We have seen how gadgets help us do sports and relax better. However, modern gizmos can help improve our health. The best example of the technology of the future are doctors who are able to communicate with patients miles away and perform surgery remotely.

However, there are even greater extremes, as some medical facilities are adopting a fully automated approach to diagnosing. Medical robots now have the potential to actually see patients while they are on their regular route through the hospital. The concept is still at its initial phases but how cool would it be to have a robot for a doctor!

We think of high-tech gadgets as trivial contraptions that are mainly used to have fun. Sure, you might use a smartphone to play games on but it doubles as a fitness tracker and even a diagnostic tool. There isn’t a sphere of modern life that advanced gadgets haven’t penetrated, as we are witnesses to the influence they exert on our daily activities.


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