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The third decade of the millennium has started. The technology today has changed so much since the last century. We went from human-guided machines to artificially intelligent computers conducting highly complex tasks.


AI-guided computers are so powerful today that they are starting to take over people’s jobs. Not just those who are undertrained and not skilled enough for doing something more important, but everyone’s jobs.

In this article, you’ll be able to see 5 places where AI is taking over, and there’s no going back. Of course, this doesn’t mean things are only bad for humanity. Read on and find out more about it!


1.  Artificially Intelligent computer-doctors detect breast cancer

Every doctor agrees that the most crucial issue in treating a patient is setting a proper diagnosis. We might think that nothing can be better than the human eye, but it turns out that AI-driven robots can do a much better job in detecting breast cancer than people.

The Artificial Intelligence statistics show that US experts in radiology compared to AI-driven computers had 5.7% more false positives. At the same time, they had 9.4% more false negatives. The future of our health is in the processors of AI computers.


2.  B2C relations and support show excellent results

All marketing stats show that some of the main reasons why clients are leaving brands for the competition are poor customer support and service. This is entirely logical. A medium company of 250 employees simply can’t manage every employee and make them do a great job 100% of the time.


3.  Changing standard traffic lights with AI

Artificial Intelligence implemented by cities can do a tremendous job. For example, India’s capital New Delhi officials, implemented a system of AI-driven traffic lights to reduce traffic jams. The results were outstanding.

A lot of big cities around the world are experimenting with learning machines and traffic control through computers, but soon all crossroads will be AI-powered to reduce waiting time in traffic lines. One stress less in our lives, right?

4.  Battlefields are now a part of the Sci-Fi novels

This one is the biggest concern of everyone who’s against Artificial Intelligence. The movies and books about robots who take over the world are the biggest fear for those who are skeptical about the safety of AI.

However, that isn’t stopping the US Army from using drones equipped with this kind of technology. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan was both backed by these flying crafts that saved countless US soldiers’ lives in the battle against terror.


5.  Home systems and security are evolving to the next level.

Are you familiar with the home systems in use right now? You’re able to manage everything around the house from one place. The most advanced systems are now using AI to detect burglars, fires, and floods in and outside the house and call the emergency service if that’s needed.

Artificial Intelligence home systems are the next level of security and in-house enjoyment.



These 5 points cover almost every part of our lives. Health, security, business, all important for our well-being. They are all being taken over by AI. Soon, we’ll be able to see how computers are changing almost every segment of our lives.

This will have tons of positive sides for those using it, but at the same time, it is a threat for many people losing their jobs. Still, companies building AI computers claim that retraining and changing careers will be enough. People won’t be jobless. They’ll just need to relocate sectors.