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TENDO and AIST to Unveil a Multi-material Airplane!

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Find the Latest Wood, Metal, and Plastic Composite Material Technologies at neo functional material 2020

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#composites–The Converting Technical Institute and JTB Communication Design will hold neo functional material exhibition over the three days from Wednesday, January 29th to Friday the 31st, at Tokyo Big Sight.

As a comprehensive functional materials exhibition, neo functional material brings together the latest in Japan’s cutting-edge functional films, resins, additives, and other materials that support the world. With the increasing demand for lighter cars and airplanes, greater focus is being placed on multi-materials consisting of organics, inorganics, metals, and composites, as well as the adhesive and joining technologies used to combine these dissimilar materials. In this light, TENDO and the AIST(*) Consortium Clayteam will unveil a multi-material airplane produced of fiber reinforced composites and molded plywood joined with dissimilar materials like domestic cedar wood, aluminum, and PC/ABS. The Composite materials and Neo functional paper/fiber zones will host cellulose nanofiber, CFRP, and other composites. Experience the next-generation of multi-material-based manufacturing at neo functional material exhibition as it brings together a wide variety of materials under one roof.

*National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

————————– [ Exhibitor Pickup ] ————————–

(random order)

  • TENDO / AIST Consortium Clayteam [Booth No. 3W-K17]

    Unveiling: Multi-material airplane made of molded plywood and fiber reinforced composites

    TENDO and AIST will display a multi-material airplane (concept model) made by joining soft, domestic cedar wood with dissimilar materials (aluminum, PC/ABS). This concept is attracting interest as an aspect of sustainable mobility that is also related to environmental measures and SDGs initiatives.
  • Oasa Electronics [3W-K17 (AIST Consortium Clayteam)]

    New Product: TS-A200 Series desktop high-resolution omnidirectional speaker made of Modified Lignin

    This speaker reproduces natural sound using a Heil Driver vibration film made of a polymer-clay composite that consists primarily of clay and a proprietary production approach that includes a film folding method. Made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic that contains Modified Lignin, a new material sourced from cedar, this vibration film is stronger, lighter, and produces less division vibration. Oasa Electronics will exhibit this speaker integrated into the airplane during the event.
  • ICHINEN CHEMICALS [3W-K17 (AIST Consortium Clayteam)]

    High-sensitivity Cr-N strain sensor for composite materials (jointly developed with the Research Institute for Electromagnetic Materials)

    Using a circuit substrate made by coating the surface of a metal sheet with an insulative clay coating agent for metal, ICHINEN CHEMICALS has realized a high-sensitivity strain sensor. This sensor can also be used with low-strain, high-strength composite materials.

    Revolution Fibres Xantu.Layr® (nanofiber nonwoven)

    As the first commercially available nanofiber nonwoven in the world, Xantu.Layr® is ideally suited to improving the performance of composite structures, which are susceptible to damage from collision and impact, layer separation, high flexure, and fatigue load. Sandwiching Xantu.Layr® between sheets of carbon fiber cloth strengthens the resin layer, thereby potentially improving composite materials in terms of fracture toughness (layer peeling resistance), post-impact compression strength (damage tolerance), and fatigue resistance.
  • Kanai Juyo Kogyo [3W-C23]

    Carbon fiber nonwoven matrix, New Product: Heat dissipation nonwoven matrix

    This nonwoven is made entirely of PAN carbon fiber. It can be impregnated with thermosetting resin to produce prepreg sheets and can be mixed with synthetic resin fibers to produce matrixes for thermoplastic CFRP.
  • SEIKO PMC / KJ Chemicals [3W-G20]

    STARCEL® CNF (Cellulose Nanofiber) Resin Composite Material Series

    STARCEL® is used as one of the raw materials in running shoe midsoles.
  • Heraeus [4W-F04]

    Flashlamp-based humm3® heating lamp system

    The humm3® uses three parameters to control high-energy pulsed light suited to high-speed firing, thereby enabling precise heat profile settings that allow UD tape to be joined with dissimilar materials like aluminum alloys and titanium.

——————— [ Multi-material and Composite Material Technology – 35th AIST Clayteam Seminar ] ———————-

January 29 (Wed.) 12:30-15:00 / Convertech Stage (West Hall 4)

“Characterization of adhesive dissimilar joint properties and analysis of the joint mechanism”

Shin Horiuchi, Chief Senior Researcher, Laboratory for adhesion and interfacial phenomena,

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

“Multi-material softwood and its application to parts for automobile”

Kazuhiro Nakada, Assistant Manager, Technical Development Division, Manufacturing Department, TENDO CO., LTD.

*Pre-registration for free admission:
*Exhibitor Search:
*Seminars :

——————— Exhibition Outline ———————

neo functional material 2020 (Concurrent Events: JFlex / 3Decotech Expo)

January 29 (Wed.)– 31 (Fri.) 2020 at Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 3, 4

[ Organizer ] Converting Technical Institute [ Co-organizer ] JTB Communication Design


Converting Technology Exhibition Secretariat (c/o JTB Communication Design)

Contact persons: Ayumi Suzuki / Maiko Uchiyama

Tel: +81-3-5657-0761


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Shortages of Low-Skill, Middle-Skill, and High-Skill Workers Causing Revenue Declines and Other Headaches for Employers, TrueBlue’s Latest Study Finds

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

TACOMA, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–While there has been a lot of discourse around the shortage of high-skill workers in the U.S., a new study by staffing giant TrueBlue shows a significant percentage of employers are also struggling with deficits in low-skill and middle-skill workers – and dealing with a host of business challenges as a result.

According to TrueBlue’s nationwide survey, which included nearly 1,500 managers (HR, operational, and business), skills shortages are widening across skills categories:

  • 32% of managers can’t find workers to fill low-skill positions (generally classified as those that may or may not require a high school diploma and require little to no experience)
  • 46% can’t find workers for middle-skill jobs (typically require some experience and continuing education such as college courses, an apprenticeship or certification, but don’t necessarily require a four-year college degree)
  • 35% can’t find workers for high-skill jobs (typically require a four-year degree or higher and specialized experience)

Low unemployment coupled with globalization, accelerated technology advancement, and evolving work models are creating talent deficits across all skill levels within organizations,” said Patrick Beharelle, CEO of TrueBlue. “The skills supply is not keeping up with demand, which is fueling a greater intensity in an already competitive labor market and adversely impacting productivity, service quality, and revenue growth for businesses.”

Impact of Talent Shortages on Businesses

The top three business challenges managers are experiencing due to prolonged job vacancies within their organizations include:

  • Quality – More than a third of managers (35%) reported that extended job vacancies have caused lower product or service quality.
  • Turnover – 25% have seen higher employee turnover.
  • Revenue – 23% said their companies experienced a decline in revenue.

To address talent shortages and minimize associated business impact, 2 in 5 companies (41 percent) reported that they plan to raise compensation for entry-level workers and nearly half (46 percent) plan to train and hire the long-term unemployed in the coming year.

Survey Methodology

This SurveyMonkey survey was conducted online in the U.S. by TrueBlue between September 23 and October 15, 2019. It included 1,499 managers (HR, operations and general). The survey was across regions, industries, and company sizes.

About TrueBlue

TrueBlue (NYSE: TBI) is a global leader in specialized workforce solutions that help clients achieve business growth and improve productivity. In 2018, the company connected approximately 730,000 people with work. TrueBlue’s PeopleReady segment offers on-demand industrial staffing services, PeopleManagement offers contingent and productivity-based, on-site industrial staffing and driver staffing services, and PeopleScout offers recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and managed service provider (MSP) solutions to a wide variety of industries. Learn more at


Jennifer Grasz

Vice President, Corporate Communications
(312) 840-6327

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Law Firm of Estey & Bomberger Reports: Uber Says Nearly 6,000 Rapes, Sexual Assaults Occurred in Two-year Period

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Reading Time: < 1 minute

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The law firm of Estey & Bomberger reported today that Uber’s long-awaited sexual assault report was released Dec. 5, with the ride-hailing company admitting that 5,981* passengers and drivers were raped or sexually assaulted between 2017-2018.

“I applaud Uber for releasing the data that acknowledges there is a problem with sexual assaults occurring in rideshare. While we believe these assaults were preventable, Uber’s report represents a tremendous step for ride-hailing safety,” said Estey & Bomberger attorney Mike Bomberger. “I think there are many positive measures Uber is taking. However, Uber still has an obligation to help the victims who have been raped and assaulted and facing a lifetime of emotional pain. They will need ongoing therapy.”

Estey & Bomberger represents more than 100 ride-hailing sexual assault victims.

“It’s important to remember when reading this report that only one in three women report their sexual assault,” Bomberger said. “Therefore, the number of women who have been sexually assaulted is certainly much higher than reported here.”

Bomberger reiterated his call for all ride-hailing trips to be digitally recorded.

“We’re pleased that Uber is now testing cameras in Texas. That’s the real solution to this problem – if drivers know they’re being recorded they won’t rape and assault,” Bomberger said.

Estey & Bomberger is asking Lyft and Uber sexual assault victims, along with former employees of the ride-sharing firms, to contact its office by calling 866-964-1708 or emailing

*statistic courtesy NPR “Uber Received Nearly 6,000 U.S. Sexual Assault Claims in Past 2 Years,” Dec. 5, 2019.


for Estey & Bomberger

Ed Vasquez, 408-420-6558

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Best’s Market Segment Report: AM Best Maintains Global Reinsurance Market Outlook at Stable

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

OLDWICK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AM Best has maintained a market segment outlook of stable on the global reinsurance industry for 2020, citing a stabilized pricing environment — albeit at levels below long-term adequacy — the continuing alignment between traditional and third-party capital and ongoing stability in the global life reinsurance segment.

A new Best’s Market Segment Report, titled, “Market Segment Outlook: Global Reinsurance,” states that although rates in the non-life reinsurance market have improved modestly, pricing has not kept adequate pace with the changing risk dynamics, as illustrated by loss development from events such as hurricanes Irma and Maria and Typhoon Jebi, and potential losses from more-recent events (e.g., Hurricane Dorian). Property catastrophe pricing still is being driven by the availability of third-party capital; however, the increasing interdependence between traditional capacity and third-party capital through joint ventures, retrocession and direct ownership should serve to more closely align return objectives for the market overall. Third-party capital also represents a benefit in the form of stabilized earnings of rated balance sheets, due to tail risk being assumed by this capital.

Overall market conditions are improving, but AM Best remains concerned about insufficient rate adequacy relating to certain U.S. casualty lines, a steady decline in the benefit of favorable reserve releases and the pervasive low interest rate environment. The collective effect of these factors requires underwriting discipline, and failure to react to these pressures could adversely affect the segment.

The report outlines other factors that are driving the stable market segment outlook, including:

  • AM Best believes alternative third-party capital will hold the line on future return expectations following the recent heavy catastrophe loss years;
  • A decline in capital consumption and earnings volatility, due in part to the increased utilization of third-party capital in retrocessionaire programs;
  • Greater emphasis on underwriting discipline due to pressure on interest rates and potential slower economic growth globally;
  • Improving pricing momentum driven by higher loss costs, coupled with lower loss reserve redundancies;
  • Increased demand for non-life reinsurance due to primary companies’ recent loss experience, as well as new risk transfer opportunities and mergers and acquisitions;
  • Stable operating performance among life reinsurers, which continue to maintain defensible market positions and offer services beyond risk transfer that create hurdles for new entrants.

To access the full copy of the overall global reinsurance briefing, please visit

Separate briefings on the non-life and life reinsurance segments can be viewed at:

To view a video with AM Best Associate Director Scott Mangan about the global reinsurance market segment outlook, please visit

AM Best is a global credit rating agency, news publisher and data provider specializing in the insurance industry. The company does business in more than 100 countries. Headquartered in Oldwick, NJ, AM Best has offices in cities around the world, including London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mexico City. For more information, visit

Copyright © 2019 by A.M. Best Company, Inc. and/or its affiliates.



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