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SEEDLAND’s Autonomous Hachi Auto Starts Operation, a First in Chinese Real Estate

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GUANGZHOU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On November 27, 2019 – SEEDLAND, one of China’s top-100 real estate firms, achieved another innovative milestone this month when Hachi Auto autonomous vehicles began servicing the company’s gated community “Boston Ivy” in Guangzhou.

As vehicle with self-driving features are becoming more and more common, SEEDLAND, which developed Hachi Auto, has made the future a reality. It is the first time for a self-driving vehicle to operate in a residential community in China.

Hachi Auto is a compact but spacious vehicle that comfortably seats four. It uses an environmentally friendly electric power train, and comes equipped with an array of safety features. Its styling is minimalist, with large windows and leather seating, and earlier this year earned Hachi Auto the iF DESIGN AWARD, a world-renowned design prize.

In “Boston Ivy”, two Hachi Auto vehicles shuttle between the community’s bus stop and its food court, passing its underground parking, main garden, as well as its activity, marketing, and children’s centers along their route.

Hachi Auto fits seamlessly into China’s hi-tech and on-demand culture. Any resident can call a Hachi Auto using their phone, their apartment’s control panel, or even their smart mirror. To make sure people of all ages and ability can use Hachi Auto, passengers can give commands using either touchscreens or their voice.

Hachi Auto’s panoramic windows and air conditioning offer shelter from the elements, and its comfortable leather seating bring relief after a tiring day at work. In cases of emergency, it can even safely transport people who are sick, injured, or pregnant to their community’s entrance, saving time while an ambulance is en route.

Hachi Auto was extensively tested to guarantee passengers’ safety. During more than 2,000 test drives, observers did not need to intervene once. And with over 100,000 kilometers’ worth of data, the vehicle’s algorithms are ready for all types of weather, be it wind, rain, fog, or nighttime.

An array of LiDAR and cameras makes sure Hachi Auto avoids collisions, with its positioning system accurate to up to two centimeters. The vehicle can sense both stationary and moving objects and decide when it should stop and when it is safe to continue. In case of sudden obstacles, such as children running across the road, Hachi Auto can make emergency stops within 30 centimeters. A short wheelbase and innovative reversing technologies allow for Hachi Auto to maneuver itself out of any situation.

SEEDLAND has a strong reputation for providing its residents with all kinds of technological conveniences. Apartments in the company’s residential communities come equipped with smart furniture that, for example, allows for wireless charging or warns people not to stay seated for too long. SEEDLAND uses robots for tasks ranging from delivering e-commerce packages to providing residents with health check-ups.

In accordance with market conditions, more Hachi Autos will be rolled out to other SEEDLAND residential communities throughout China.


Seedland Group


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Hyosung Chairman Cho Hyun-joon Acquires High Voltage Transformer Plant in the US

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SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ChairmanChoHyunJoon–“Now we are ready to provide products to customers in the United States in time through our local manufacturing facilities. And we will strengthen our position as a total energy solution provider by providing circuit breakers, ESSs and STATCOMs, in addition to high voltage transformers,” said Chairman Cho Hyun-joon of Hyosung Group.

Hyosung Heavy Industries (KRX:298040) has obtained the first production base in the United States to increase its presence in the world’s largest electric power market.

Hyosung Heavy Industries announced on December 16 that it has acquired Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. (MEPPI)’s high voltage transformer plant in the US state of Tennessee for 46.5 million dollars (approximately KRW 50 billion).

At the Memphis plant, MEPPI has been producing transformers, but since the first half of next year, Hyosung Heavy Industries will convert the facility to manufacture core-type high voltage transformers that can be widely used in a range of industries. Core-type transformers account for 95% of demands in the global transformer market, including North America.

The acquisition of the MEPPI Memphis plant will assist Hyosung in meeting the growing demand for core-type transformers, with continued increase in power consumption, expansion in renewable energy industry and growing demand for replacement of power devices due to deterioration of existing power infrastructure.

In addition, Hyosung Heavy Industries is acquiring the plant to establish a presence in the United States and to avoid high costs associated with tariffs.

The US high voltage transformer market is worth about KRW 2 trillion. Since entering the US market in 2001, Hyosung Heavy Industries has maintained long-term partnerships with leading US power companies.

When the plant in Tennessee operates in full scale, the company will reinforce the role of its plant in Changwon, the main manufacturing facility in Korea, as the global technology development center, while focusing on manufacturing products for premium markets including Europe and those for the Middle East and Asian markets.


Hyosung Corporation

Minjung Cho, +82-2-707-7079

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Pluxity Launches PLUG Kiosk for Comprehensive Spatial Information Service

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– It provides convenience service tailored for mobility handicapped people

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#3DplatformPluxity, a plug-in solution provider based in Korea, announced on December 16, 2019 the launch of the PLUG Kiosk that provides 3D-based spatial information.

The PLUG Kiosk helps one easily find important facilities and stores by displaying spatial information in 3D maps. When a user chooses departing place, transit spots and destination, it intuitively shows the entire route.

It also offers various convenience services to customers who visit the site where the PLUG Kiosk is installed.

Equipped with a digital braille pad, it provides a system for mobility handicapped people including visually impaired persons as well as information on monitored quality of air, fine dusts and harmful gases using smart environmental sensor. And, the kiosk can be used by users with diverse statures as its height can be adjusted accordingly.

Featuring functions of guiding the way tailored for mobility handicapped people and visually impaired persons, it also can provide intuitive information based on easy-to-use interface and intuitive information based on 3D, identical services in diverse environments based on web standards, notices by surrounding facilities, and information on events depending on locations of users.

“PLUG Kiosks will initially be installed at areas congested with transient population, such as subway stations and airports, and we will expand available areas on phased basis for convenience of consumers,” said a manager at the company.

Earlier, Pluxity showcased the PLUG Kiosk at international trade events, including the Smart City Expo World Congress and IoT Tech Expo North America.

For further information on the PLUG Kiosk, please visit website of Pluxity (


Pluxity Co., Ltd.

Yoon Jae-min


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QInsure Goes Live with FINEOS Claims

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DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AdminSuiteFINEOS Corporation (ASX:FCL), the market-leading provider of group and individual core systems for life, accident and health insurance, today announced that QInsure, the insurance arm of QSuper, one of Australia’s largest and most respected superannuation funds, has successfully gone live with FINEOS Claims.

The QInsure and FINEOS partnership will bring about changes focused on foundational operational uplift including improved, integrated and automated processes and workflow for claims covering life, TPD and income protection. Key highlights of the program included automatic payment calculations and FSC Code of Practice solutions that help case managers deliver on the insurance promise and meet regulatory obligations. The overarching philosophy focussed on member-centric claims outcomes including automated claims management with FINEOS embedded analytics and integrated generation of correspondence to members.

Speaking about the project, Chief of QInsure, Phil Fraser said, “We ran a comprehensive RFP and completed a lot of due diligence to choose FINEOS as our partner. The collaborative partnership has been extremely positive, and the project has delivered high quality results. We achieved this by both parties providing strong leadership and governance, working very closely across business and IT, and sticking assiduously to FINEOS’ comprehensive out of the box solutions. We are already seeing one of the key objectives of this program come to life in our streamlined claims processes, enabling our Claim Managers, to be freed up from routine administrative tasks to focus on providing even more excellent outcomes to QSuper members.”

Michael Kelly, CEO, FINEOS added, “This has been an exciting project for us in Australia and we have enjoyed working with QInsure to assist them improve their service even further. FINEOS has the market leading product and a very strong local team that has established trusted relationships with some of the largest and most respected insurers across the ANZ region – with well over 10,000 licensed users locally, our product helps process millions of claims each year. We pride ourselves on a laser-like focus on adding business value and are delighted to add Qinsure to the growing and thriving FINEOS community.”

About FINEOS Corporation Limited

FINEOS is a leading provider of core systems for life, accident and health insurers globally with 6 of the 10 largest group life and health carriers in the US as well as 6 of the largest life insurers in Australia. With employees and offices throughout the world, FINEOS continues to scale rapidly, working with innovative progressive insurers in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

The FINEOS Platform provides clients full end to end core insurance administration and includes the FINEOS AdminSuite core product suite as well as add-on products, FINEOS Engage to support digital engagement and FINEOS Insight for analytics and reporting.

For more information, visit

About QInsure

QInsure was established to exclusively provide Group Life Insurance policies for QSuper, so life insurance benefits can be provided to QSuper members as part of their superannuation membership.

QInsure, the first insurance company set up by a superannuation fund in Australia, was established on 29 July 2015 as a wholly owned subsidiary of QSuper Limited and commenced issuing life insurance policies from 1 July 2016. The company has ASFL and APRA licenses to operate as an insurance company, as well as an independent Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team.

About QSuper

QSuper started with an Act of Parliament in 1912 creating the entity now known as the QSuper Group.

Over time, QSuper expanded to become the superannuation fund for all current and former Queensland public sector employees and their spouses and is now Queensland’s largest super fund and one of the largest in Australia. QSuper has grown its range of products and services, with its customer base is now numbering more than 585,000 with over $113 billion in funds under administration.

With the passing of legislation in 2016 that removed the restrictions on who is eligible to join the Fund, from 1 July 2017 QSuper was able to welcome more Australians to experience the QSuper feeling.

For more information, visit


Victoria Jamison

Marketing Manager

FINEOS Corporation

+ 353 1 639 9700

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