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OTTO provides greater processing power in less time, at a lower cost and has a smaller impact on the environment than traditional data centers

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TMGcore, a provider of data center solutions and manufacturer of data center hardware, today unveiled its evolutionary technology, OTTO, a completely automated, self-contained, two-phase liquid immersion-cooled data center platform (2PLIC) that features a closed loop system, uses zero water and is a tenth of the size of a traditional data center. By using OTTO, clients can cut operational costs by 80 percent while receiving ten times more processing power per square foot.

“Data center hardware manufacturers today are tasked with building technology capable of handling increasingly vast amounts of data processing while addressing challenges including uptime, environmental impact and operating costs associated with building and operating a large data center – namely space and power constraints,” said John-David Enright, CEO of TMGcore. “We designed OTTO to address these major issues facing the industry. OTTO provides companies with a solution that is scalable, quick to market, secure and extremely energy efficient while remaining cost effective.”

Clients can select from four different OTTO platforms: OTTO 600kw, OTTO Edge 120M, OTTO Edge 60XS and OTTO O.T.E. 60XS. The largest model, OTTO 600kw, is only 160 square feet, which is about the size of a Chevrolet Suburban.

All OTTO models have lights out operations. They have fully automated server, PSU hot swapping and can be controlled either locally or remotely. Every platform is environment neutral, meaning OTTOs can fit into existing systems or can tie directly into a new facility. More information about the specifications and capabilities of each OTTO model is available in this sales catalog.

With OTTO making its debut at Supercomputing 2019 (SC19), attendees can see the technology in action at TMGcore booths 1981 and 1995. Additionally, attendees can schedule one-on-one demos to interact with OTTO and receive a made-to-order facility design fit for their organization.

To schedule an in-person demo at SC19 or a virtual demo after the show, visit OTTO is available to pre-order now and delivery of commercial units will begin in the first quarter of 2020.

About TMGcore

TMGcore is a U.S.-based provider of data center solutions and manufacturer of data center hardware committed to building innovative solutions that solve and mitigate the industry’s most pressing challenges. With its flagship solution, OTTO, TMGcore has balanced the demands of data processing while reducing operating costs and environmental impact. The data center platform is a tenth of the size of a traditional data center platform, offers zero water waste and reduces operational costs by an average of 70 percent while ​reducing the amount of energy used for cooling by 80 percent and redirecting this power toward a productive IT Load. For more information, visit​.


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