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LINCOLN, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Athena Capital Advisors has released a landscape review, “Investing in Climate Change Mitigation,” that explores the impact that investors deploying capital in the electric power, transportation, industrials, and buildings sectors can have on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

“Investors interested in having a positive impact on the challenge of global climate change want to know how to be strategic with their capital, such as which areas are in the greatest need of change in order to speed the transition to a future with lower greenhouse gas emissions,” said Jeff Finkelman, Athena’s senior research associate, impact investments.

Kate Huntington, Athena’s managing director, research, impact investments, added: “The review looks at ways that eligible investors can have an impact with their capital across the leading sources of CO₂ emissions. Broad investment themes that can bend the curve toward lower emissions include renewable power generation, grid management, industrial and building efficiency, and smart mobility.”

Athena is a privately owned, independent registered investment adviser with $5.8 billion in assets under management. In order to support clients that desire to be strategic with their capital in areas of particular interest, Athena’s Impact Investing team undertakes landscape reviews. Each such review examines the relevant social or environmental challenge and then considers options for investing in ways that may affect positive change.

This paper focuses on greenhouse gas emissions from sources in the United States, as the country is one of the leading contributors to rising concentrations of such gasses in the atmosphere. It also largely concentrates on carbon dioxide, the gas that accounts for the greatest share of the country’s total emissions.

Read more about “Investing in Climate Change Mitigation.”

Previous Athena impact investing landscape reviews and whitepapers include “Investing in Gender Equality,” and “Financial Inclusion in Emerging and Frontier Markets.”


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