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MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Diligent, a technology-driven company optimizing the construction industry, recently purchased Boca Raton based Philips Metal Products, Inc. The purchase will allow Diligent to expand the company’s current offering to include welding, metal fabrication, miscellaneous metals, stairs, gates, railings, embeds, concrete forms and accessories.

Philips Metal Products, founded in 1982, is a third-generation metal fabrication company with a long history of quality and customer service in south Florida. Previously owned and operated by Scott and Dwight Philips, Scott will continue to oversee day-to-day operations for Philips Metal Products.

“The acquisition of Philips Metal Products, a company with a longstanding reputation for excellence, puts Diligent in a strong position to provide our customers with welding and fabrication services,” said Hu Montague, Vice President for Diligent Services. “Welding, steel parts for concrete forms, metal fabrication, steel columns and metal fabrication construction are in high demand and now Diligent can provide them to our clients.”

“Diligent considers loyalty and customer service a primary component of their business, just like we do,” said Scott Philips, former owner for Philips Metal Products. “We were approached by many companies seeking to purchase our business but none were the right fit until Diligent. We share many of the same customers and have common values. We know Philips is in the best hands for continued growth and success.”

In addition to the acquisition of Philips Metal Products, Diligent also recently announced the company is the first in Florida to deliver, pickup and service concrete washout pans. The concrete washout pans provide ease of use for both large and small construction companies and contractors. The pans, available in both small and large sizes, feature a compact design minimizing the washout footprint for a consistently clean and compliant job site. They are delivered to the construction site on time and removed promptly upon request.

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