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Innovative short-term program offers critical resource amidst nationwide shortage of autism care, extensive wait lists

GREENVILLE, S.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#autismSpringbrook Autism Behavioral Health, an autism-focused residential behavioral health center near Greenville, S.C., today announced the opening of a first-of-its-kind Acute Autism Stabilization & Assessment Program for the treatment of children with autism to address the national shortage of autism care and extensive wait lists.

“Our new Acute Autism Stabilization & Assessment Program is unlike any other in the country,” Mike Rowley, CEO of Springbrook Autism Behavioral Health, said. “In addition to stabilization, our team of leading autism experts from multiple disciplines will conduct full assessments, administer evidence-based therapies tailored for each child’s needs and develop detailed treatment and behavioral plans, all on an accelerated timeline and in an environment built for specialized autism care. Each family will leave with a comprehensive plan, or ‘Blueprint,’ for continued success to decrease negative behaviors.”

The Acute Autism Stabilization & Assessment Program at Springbrook will serve children and adolescents over the age of 10 on the autism spectrum or who have developmental disabilities with severe or persistent behavioral issues, such as aggression or self-injurious acts or mental health disorders that cannot be managed at home or in school programs.

For 37 years, Springbrook Autism Behavioral Health has been using evidence-based treatments and therapies to create a solid foundation for long-term wellbeing and success during and beyond its long-term residential treatment program. Outcomes have surpassed national averages. The Acute Autism Stabilization & Assessment Program is designed to leverage the principles and success of this proven model by integrating the residential program’s successful concepts, programming, therapies, expert staff and integrated Applied Behavioral Analysis into an intense, short-term (about four weeks) treatment and stabilization program.

Therapies include daily ABA therapy by Springbrook’s top Board Certified Behavioral Analysts; comprehensive assessments and treatment from multiple disciplines; clinical, special education, child and adolescent psychiatrist and psychiatric nurses specializing in autism, and occupational, recreational and speech therapies; dietary and medical interventions; evidence-based programming; weekly treatment teams and individualized behavior and treatment plans.

At the end of this short-term Acute Autism Stabilization & Assessment Program, each family receives a detailed, personalized manual, or “Blueprint,” to guide the family to continue the success and provide a seamless transition to long-term treatment provided in schools, outpatient or group living settings. Families also receive a copy of the widely adapted Functional Independent Skills Handbook, authored by William Killion, PhD, BCBA at Springbrook, and, for each child in the program, specially notated with specific strategies recommended for them.

“At Springbrook, we are continually at capacity in our residential treatment center and have an admission waiting list of children from across the country,” Rowley said. “Our goal is to ensure that limited access to comprehensive treatment is no longer a challenge for American families seeking autism services. We created the Acute Autism Stabilization & Assessment Program to meet this critical need.”

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Springbrook Autism Behavioral Health is a state-of-the-art campus and nationally renowned program for the treatment of autism in children and adults ages 5-21. We work with the entire spectrum of children, adolescents, teens and adults with autism, including patients at all developmental levels. We use advanced, evidence-based autism therapy programs. Our dedicated staff is committed to autism therapies that address the needs of the whole child beyond the diagnosis. We have been serving children and their families at our campus in Traveler’s Rest, S.C., for 37 years. Visit for more information.


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