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BOULDER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Business leaders gathered for Synergis Software’s fourth annual Adept Experience Conference where they learned about breakthrough developments in Synergis Adept, the company’s flagship engineering information management solution for managing, sharing and securing engineering and business documents. The two-day conference addressed the many ways that Synergis Adept helps global companies crush digital silos and streamline operations in Process, Utilities, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Construction and other industries. Synergis Adept helps organizations improve workflow and collaboration, secure their IP, accelerate project startup, streamline engineering change processes, simplify compliance with industry regulations; avoid shutdowns and outages, and much more.

Leaders from Con Edison, Dow Chemical, and Leatherman were just some of the many clients who spoke about how Synergis’ technology has helped grow their bottom line and enable their businesses to run more efficiently. “Adept software helped us reduce the costs associated with information management,” says Anna Toloeva, IT Business Analysis at Leatherman. “Our biggest savings comes from finding engineering data faster, the avoidance of recreating lost files, and from reduced engineering change costs from workflow automation.”

“Since its inception in 1991 Synergis Adept has saved companies time, money and workforce resources,” shares Synergis Technologies President Kristen Tomasic. “Our engineering information management solution (EIM) was first deployed in companies to manage drawing revisions and the complex relationships between CAD files, while providing advanced file searching capabilities to improve productivity within engineering teams. Today it is being deployed as a global solution that integrates with business systems such as MRP, ERP, Quality, and CMMS to enable data consistency, reduce costs, and secure a company’s intellectual property.”

Synergis Adept provides an extra layer of security to protect against theft and ultimately billions of dollars in lost or stolen assets. “Today more than 75,000 people manage their plant or property data, capital projects, engineering and product data – collectively worth $150 billion– with Synergis Adept,” shares Scott Lamond, Vice President of Synergis Software. “Adept 2019 is a landmark release that solidifies the solution as an enterprise application and meets the rigorous security standards of IT departments while adding value for users in every department—no matter what information they need to find, manage, share and secure.”

Complete Adept implementations are typically weeks – not months or years. Time to value is unmatched. This combined with ease of use and award-winning support makes Synergis Adept the engineering information management technology of choice.

About Synergis Software, a Division of Synergis Technologies, LLC has a rich history of innovation and growth dating back to 1985 when CEO, David Sharp, III, along with sales entrepreneur, Janet Kiehart and software architect, Bill Stamp founded the company. From the 1980s MS DOS/UNIX version of “Synergis Network FileManager” to the current Synergis Adept brand, the company has expanded its engineering-focused solution to become a global technology solution that helps multidiscipline departments across organizations find, manage and secure their data and integrate it with enterprise business systems. With more than 75,000 people worldwide managing their property data, capital projects, engineering and financial data worth $150 billion, Synergis Software’s digital technology has helped hundreds of companies transform their operations, infrastructure, and workforce into greater wealth and revenues.

About Synergis Technologies, LLC – Synergis Technologies, LLC is comprised of two independent business groups: Synergis Software, the developers of Synergis Adept, a digital engineering technology with enterprise-level integrations for MRP/ERP; and Synergis Engineering Design Solutions, an Autodesk Gold Tier partner, representing a top tier of authorized Autodesk resellers. With a 30 plus year commitment to providing an outstanding customer experience, the people at Synergis Technologies are dedicated to helping organizations transform their business productivity and profitability using proven digital technologies and proven implementation processes.


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