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LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–California Medical Evaluators (CME) is actively recruiting physicians interested in becoming medical-legal experts. The rising demand for QME physicians in California has created significant opportunities for CA licensed physicians. CME is particularly interested in physicians who specialize in orthopedic surgery, psychiatry, neurology, PM&R, pain medicine, otolaryngology and internal medicine, as those specialties have the highest demand.

California Medical Evaluators is a full-service QME practice management company focused on providing medical experts with all the support that they need to become highly successful in the medical-legal field. CME offers comprehensive services such as office placement, schedule management, record digitization, dictation/transcription, report writing assistance, billing, collections, and marketing. CME’s high-quality and all-inclusive services have resulted in the company being the top choice for newly appointed QMEs in California for the last several years.

CME has a QME Starter Program for newly appointed QMEs as well as a program for pre-QMEs and experienced QMEs. Founded by QME physicians, CME is very aware of the challenges QMEs face and has made sure that each program is specifically tailored to the needs of QMEs at every stage of development.

In addition to providing comprehensive practice management services for QME physicians, CME also offers addition opportunities to get involved with medical-legal work outside of the Workers’ Compensation System. CME works with a number of law firm, employers and insurance companies who need medical experts for IMEs, AMEs, Fitness for Duty Evaluations, Disability Evaluations, Medical Records Review, and Expert Witness Testimony. CME provides the same practice management services to physicians doing other types of medical-legal work as the company provides for physicians doing QME work.

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About California Medical Evaluators

California Medical Evaluators (CME) is a leading provider of Med-Legal Practice Management services to physicians who perform Qualified Medical Examinations (QMEs), Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) and medical expert witness engagements. CME’s broad network of qualified physician experts perform over 5,000 medical-legal examinations annually. Founded in 2010 by physicians, CME has become a leader in QME practice management, while also providing IME services, fitness for duty evaluations, and disability evaluations for the legal and insurance industries. More information about CME can be found at or by calling (888) 853-7944.


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