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“The growing interest in Finland is also seen in design art: more exhibits and artefacts are now being borrowed internationally from Collection Kakkonen than ever before,” says Kyösti Kakkonen.

PRAGUE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ArtCollection–Art collector Kyösti Kakkonen is particularly proud to be able to open an exhibition dedicated to the internationally recognized Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala in Prague next Thursday, which he will do with Finland’s ambassador to the Czech Republic, Jukka Pesola. Wirkkala’s artistic career was exceptionally broad and international.

“For me, Tapio Wirkkala’s work represents a time when the independent Finland was building its identity. His work influenced what Finland represents: beautiful, pure nature, a simple, shared Nordic identity, and creativity and grit. Tapio Wirkkala’s work is easily approachable,” Kakkonen says. Wirkkala is best known for his glass design, but he also worked widely with wood and metal.

Multi-part book series on Finnish art glass and ceramics coming

Collection Kakkonen, which has held over 50 international exhibitions, has lent all the artefacts in the Wirkkala exhibition. Part of this broad ceramics collection has recently been returned from Japan, where it was part of a travelling exhibition for two years in five cities.

“The exhibitions reinforced the image of a high-quality, skilled Finland, and for us this is important work for the benefit of Finland and its brand,” Kakkonen says.

Five exhibitions are planned next year. Collection Kakkonen will soon publish a six-part book series which will present Finnish art glass and ceramics more broadly than ever before. The books will depict a collection of over 2,000 artefacts, with written contributions from Finnish and international experts.

“Work is still under way, but right now we’re looking at publishing the book series in spring 2020,” Kakkonen says.

Collection Kakkonen is known among international museums and collectors as one of the most significant collections of Finnish design. Kyösti Kakkonen has collected art from the golden age of Finnish glass and ceramics art, which was from the 1930s to the 1960s, since the 1980s.


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