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7SIGNAL, a US-based pioneer of wifi performance management, announced that a couple of its solutions, namely SaaS-based SapphireEyeTM 2100 and MobileEyeTM products, have detected a bug in high-end Cisco wifi system. The 7SIGNAL solutions discovered a bug in Sisco Aironet 3500 and 3700 Series access points employed in a hospital in California, which is part of a largest not-for-profit health plan in the USA.

The bug was first spotted outside an operating room at a campus in California, following reported connectivity issues with wireless medical devices. The deployment of 7SIGNAL solutions unearthed the bug, and Cisco promptly provided a patch resolve the bug.

An unnamed wireless engineer working for the large not-for-profit health plan said: “7SIGNAL makes solving Wi-Fi challenges on the client or radio like child’s play. The best outcome we’ve had is identifying a Cisco bug on the 3500’s and 3700’s where the 5G radio would go silent. We would not have solved this issue without 7SIGNAL. We plan to roll out the solution enterprise-wide now that the solution has such a high profile within our organization.” Don Cook, the CMO at 7SIGNAL, said about the relevance of 7SIGNAL solutions in the IoT and wifi-connected environment in hospitals:  “Your hospital is going to triple its IoT and Wi-Fi connected devices over the next 4 years.  Are you ready?  If you are not managing your critical Wi-Fi proactively today, it is going to be a monumental task to scale your environment to support the Wi-Fi needs of Connected Hospitals over the next 4 years.”