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Ahead of giving season, the all new UI and data-efficient backend offers contextual, seamless experiences, and faster response time

Funraise, a technology company building software for nonprofits, is rolling out a new UI for its platform. The dramatically enhanced visual and functional experience is part of a significant overhaul to the company’s backend architecture, creating a more comprehensive and intuitive experience for users. Nonprofits will be able to access the new UI beginning today, and can expect increased performance and functionality as part of the release.

Funraise, which creates delightful and functional software, has grown from a simple donation form to the “swiss army knife” of nonprofit software over the last few years. Launching the new UI alongside a more efficient backend enables users to move elegantly through the Company’s suite of fundraising tools, including its CRM, campaign sites, marketing optimization tools, donation forms, peer-to-peer programs, and integrations with third-party apps.

“Our customers are increasing their dependency on Funraise, asking for more features every day. As we continue to build and respond to these needs, we’re excited to deliver the world class experience nonprofits deserve,” said Funraise’s Chief Product Officer, and CoFounder Tony Sasso. “This release features an evolved UI that also increases our capacity to launch products that work harmoniously together,” said Sasso.

Some of the new features users can expect from the new Funraise UI include:

  • Clean, intuitive design that’s efficient and consistent across the platform
  • Contextual experiences, including “flyouts,” making it easier to navigate
  • Faster performance and response time
  • Highly predictable behaviors and reactions within the platform
  • Stable and data-efficient backend that ensures data consistency

Jason Swenski, Funraise’s Chief Technology Officer and CoFounder, described some of the technology behind the release: “We have built components in isolation, creating highly stable and cost efficient development platform to work from. This is something that top tier technology companies do,” he noted. “We made a conscious decision at Funraise to constantly iterate and improve our toolkit so that we can deliver the best products, faster,” added Swenski. This development process sets the Company apart within the technology and nonprofit sectors.

Funraise, now three years old, was born out of the founders’ desires to have better fundraising software for their nonprofit. “Funraise is now truly an all-in-one platform offering best-in-class software, and we’re excited to see the response from our customers on this new UI,” said CEO and CoFounder Justin Wheeler.