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BERLIN, Sept. 1, 2018 – On August 31, Berlin time, Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, or IFA, the largest consumer electronics exhibition in Europe, was held as scheduled. At the same time, the results of IFA Product Technical Innovation Award were also announced. Letv won the “Design and Technology Integration Innovation Gold Award” in 2018.

IFA is one of the biggest and most influential consumer electronics exhibitions in the world. It is an important stage for global industry giants to demonstrate their strengths and the image of technical innovation. IFA attracts many well-known technical companies, top media as well as hundreds of thousands of spectators from around the world every year.

IFA Product Technical Innovation Award, as the highlight of the IFA exhibition, is co-sponsored by German Industry & Commerce Co., Ltd and International Data Group (IDG). The appraisal for this award focuses on the unique product appeal of the consumer electronics and the technological innovation power of the brand. The selection result consists of 60% product evaluation score + 30% professional review score + 10% online voting. It is a comprehensive review and authoritative evaluation of the global consumer electronics industry, so the intensity of competition is self-evident.

The award-winning product model this time is the “Smart Screen” Zero65 series. Zero65 breaks through the traditional TV design form, adopts an integrated design that ensures the same thickness of the TV, minimizes space occupation, and greatly simplifies the structure. The model is also characteristic of an artificial intelligence operating system, smarter AI interactions, and excellent audio and image quality performances.

It is worth noting that Zero65 is a deep integration of smart home, and it supports the interconnection, interoperability and mutual control of smart home devices between multiple devices and in multiple scenarios. This device no longer only carries the “TV” function, but will also become an important entry point in the future smart home and a “smart screen” for future families.

Mr. Wang Zhi, COO of Lerong Zhixin, Letv’s smart TV subsidiary, said at the award ceremony: In fact, we have been insisting on innovation over the past year, we believe in the quality achieved by details and create exquisite products. This is also how Letv stays true to the mission. Throughout the entire television industry, ‘competition in prices’ have been like a ‘prisoner’s predicament’, consuming the overall interests and not benefiting self-development. Therefore, even in very difficult circumstances, we still have not slackened; instead, we still insist on high-quality, high-grade products, paying more attention to users’ consumption needs and experience and providing users with higher value products and services.”

With the advent of the era of consumption upgrade, the competition of new products and new technologies in the color TV market will become more intense. The technical competition will become the key to the competition among manufacturers and the breakthrough point of profit improvement. The fact that Letv has won at IFA and is loved by consumers around the world once again proves that Letv is driving technology development with technological innovations, transforming technological advantages into product-leading concept advantages, and the return of Letv is really worth looking forward to.

The award-winning product will be commercially available in Mainland China in October.