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NEW DELHI, August 27, 2018

MiVote, the world’s leading democratic movement, together with the Democratic Party of Indiaannounces a historic working relationship to bring genuine digital-supported democracy to the people of India for the 2019 state and union elections.

Today the Democratic Party of India (DPI) becomes the world’s first political party to adopt the global MiVote model. In doing so, the DPI will be the first Party in Indian history to determine all policy positions through a blockchain-enabled democratic platform that will ask every Indian citizen their preferred direction for their community.

Since launching MiVote India in January at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the MiVote Indian Chapter has been overwhelmed by the positive response to its proprietary policy framework, governance model and technology platform. With a focus on improving community decision-making throughout the world, MiVote is a democratic model open to individuals, parties and governments. MiVote India is thrilled that the DPI has adopted the complete MiVote model.

Following from his success at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London earlier in 2018, advocate, social entrepreneur and founder of MiVote India, Joydeep Mondal said, “The great potential of India can only be achieved when the collective voice of the people is harnessed.”

The Democratic Party of India was established in 1961 and was registered by the Election Commission of India in the year 1989. The Party was revived in 2018 with a vision towards Socio-Economic empowerment of Citizens starting from the most deprived sections of the society with a stern focus on Inclusive development, and a commitment to ensure that the most marginalised and disconnected members of the community have genuine representation. The DPI already boasts more than 3 million members across India in the first 60 days since its relaunch.

Speaking about the historic relationship, the National President of the Democratic Party of India, Captain G.S. Rathee, said, “The association with MiVote will not only empower the vision of the party, rather it will also give a direction towards development and strengthening the democratic behaviour of India.”

“The Democratic Party of India is ready to contest the 2019 Parliamentary Elections in all states across India. Party candidates will also contest the upcoming 2018 Assembly elections in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.”

The election symbol for the Democratic Party of India, allotted by the Election Commission of India, is POT.

In adopting the complete MiVote model, the DPI has made a bold commitment to demonstrate the most comprehensive democratic behaviours for its members.

Key features of the MiVote model include:

– Policy determined by a vote of the constituency;

– Never accepting corporate or lobby group money;

– Providing citizens facts and information relevant to every policy vote;

– Adopting a non-partisan, fact based approach to policy making, issue by issue;

– Having complete transparency on policy decisions;

– Holding candidates / representatives to account on the decisions of the majority; and

– Ensuring that every citizen has an equal voice

Founder and Chief Steward of the Global MiVote movement, Adam Jacoby, having spent ten days with the MiVote India team and the leadership team of the DPI in Delhi commented, “MiVote is thrilled to have found a group of people so committed to the principles of genuine democracy. The Democratic Party of India will be a wonderful steward of the MiVote model and will provide the people of Indiawith a political choice unlike anything they have seen before.”

Discussing the potential of the blockchain technology platform, Jacoby stated, “Powering the DPI with the world’s premier blockchain voting platform from our partner organisation, Horizon State will ensure that all voters will have access to the safest and most sophisticated voting platform available today.”

Contact: Disha Paul via email.

About MiVote

MiVote is a decentralised decision-making platform, using blockchain technology to inform, empower and represent the voice of the will of the people. MiVote closely aligned with United Nation, SDGs 4,5,10 and 16. MiVote projects a strong focus on any of the SDG’s much less four of them, especially when addressing such a key issue as democracy in relation to the future of government, voting and justice for all.

MiVote is an information platform that presents you with a variety of perspectives on all major issues up for debate in Parliaments and many others that affect our lives, via the MiVote App. The MiVote App enables you to make an informed, well rounded decision and have your say on where you want our country to go. Putting REAL change at your fingertips. The vote you choose to make on the MiVote App defines the position of the MiVote Movement on each critical policy debate in various Parliaments. Unlike current political parties, we do not have a position on any issue until the majority of members have told us where they want the nation wants to go. We the people, together, will determine our future. MiVote employs an independent research team, free from political influence and bias. Our research team’s job is to unpack each issue in a way that is easy to understand and accessible for all citizens. We point out the consequences of voting a particular way. This is done by breaking complex issues into what we call Frames. By doing this, each member can consider each frame and vote on its merits.

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