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Venture Capital Forum is bringing more than US$ 500 million in Investment Funds to Chile

and Latin America in the 4th America Digital Congress of Business and Technology 2018

SANTIAGO, Chile, August 20, 2018 – Santiago will be the Latin American capital for investors, risk capital, venture capitalists, and high-impact technology businesspeople. The Venture Capital Forum of the 4th Latin American Digital Congress of Business and Technology 2018  is bringing more than US$ 500 million in investment funds to Chile and Latin America, including Telecom, TICs, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, Fintech, e-Commerce, and Digital Marketing, to be held on September 5-6, 2018, at the Espacio Riesco Convention Center in Santiago de Chile. Get your tickets at

The Venture Capital Forum 2018 (LVCF) will host angel investors, venture capitalists, high-impact businesspeople, government authorities, consultants and stakeholders in the Risk Capital industry in the Americas as they share best practices and methodologies for investing and raising capital in rapid-growth technology companies (an enormous area of interest in the digital age); where to invest in the next Facebook, Google, Spotify or Uber could mean returns of 1000x or more, compared to traditional investments.

Global experts will meet in several discussion panels and specialized conferences, some of whom will be in Latin America for the first time, such as Jeff Wallace (Silicon Valley, USA), Advisor to UC Berkeley’s start-up incubator, Co-Founder of Cognizant, and President of Global Kinetics, who will talk about methodologies for structuring a plan to raise capital for each stage of your company. Also visiting us will be Jackie Magno (Silicon Valley), Managing Director of Golden Seed Firm, which has more than US$ 100 million invested in 150 high-impact companies, who will explain how to perform successful #DueDiligence to investors, venture capitalists and businesspeople.

Investment opportunities in high-impact technology companies that are looking for first, second or third rounds of investment within the range of US$ 30,000 to US$ 50 million will be presented. Companies are selected by an investment committee from among more than 500 applicant companies from 22 countries, allowing investors to expand their ability to identify investment opportunities and for businesspeople to present to hundreds of investors on one day and in one location. Register your company here:

“In the United States, the risk capital/venture capital industry took 80 years to develop. In Latin America it is still an incipient industry, and capital is one of the greatest needs facing Chile and Latin American countries so that they can drive their economies and create jobs. The Venture Capital Forumof the 4th Latin American Digital Congress of Business and Technology 2018 will allow the developing industry of angel investors and venture capitalists to accelerate, strengthening ties with major Silicon Valley investors as it seeks to encourage investments in rapid-growth technology companies. We know that the next Unicorn will come out of Latin America,” said Lesley Robles Sedán, Director of the 4thAmerica Digital Congress of Business and Technology 2018.

We would like to invite you to participate with your company’s representatives in the 4th edition of the Latin American Digital Congress of Business and Technology 2018, the epicenter of technology and business in the region.

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