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MAIDENHEAD, England, August 16, 2018 

Antrica, a worldwide supplier of hardware for H.264/5 video encoding, decoding and streaming solutions, have confirmed that they are set to release a 30m/s ultra low latency KVM HD 1920X1080P60 video encoder and decoder pair: ANT-7000 using ‘RAPID264’ streaming.

The ANT-7000 is a brand-new Encoder and Decoder pair for streaming ultra low latency 1080P60 HDMI video in typically 30mS usually at 12MBits/sec over IP, using RAPID264 streaming.

The products can be used as ‘Ultra Low Latency’ HDMI pair to send HDMI over any 10/100/1000 Ethernet LAN in 30mS.

Alternatively, the units also feature USB inputs and outputs which can send Keyboard and Mouse signals from the decoder to the encoder, and on to the remote PC for remote control access of all three appliances, ensuring ease of usage.

Key applications for the ANT-7000 include remote KVM requirements and Low latency video over IP such as Remote server room KVM control & Live Video Broadcast to Big Screens (Live Events).

In regards to this product announcement, Les Litwin, Sales Director of Antrica commented:

“We are excited to bring this new product to market as we believe there is a significant demand for ultra low latency video links and ‘real time’ remote KVM control. The ANT-7000 allows a user to either send video with a glass to glass ultra low latency of 30m/s or control a PC using keyboard & mouse remotely – this is often used for remote server applications.”

Typically in KVM installations (such as the ANT-7000), the encoder would be located with the PC (that requires the control remotely) and the decoder is located with the ‘user’ locally.

The Encoder supports HDMI input and output connections which allow the remotely located PC’s monitor to be looped through the encoder. The USB port connected to the remote PC mimics keyboard and mouse controls for familiarity.

The Decoder outputs HDMI video which is connected to a monitor and displayed. Locally 4 x USB 2.0 ports allow connection to a keyboard and Mouse. Two-way RS232 ports are supported for other remote control applications to allow for multiple systems to run at any given time.

For this product, Audio is supported with embedded audio via HDMI.

The ANT-7000 encoder & decoder can be powered via 12V DC, or PoE, and consume typically 5W each. The streaming formats supported include RTP, UDP and IP as well as the http web interface for setup.

Please note: to achieve the low latency and KVM features, these products are designed to be used as a pair. For separate encoder and decoder enquiries please contact: [email protected] .

About Antrica

Antrica is a UK-based leading retailer and manufacturer of a range of video over IP solutions, specialising in encoders and decoders for CCTV Broadcast Signage AV and Medical markets. We also provide solutions for Video encoding & decoding at 4K, full HD 1080P60, and streaming over any LAN or WAN.

We have been in business for 15 years and are rapidly growing as a technology supplier, supplying to markets across the globe. All products carry a warranty and we are fully ONVIF certified.

Les Litwin
Sales Director at Antrica UK
[email protected]