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Microsoft Edge is a browser that is capable of running across multiple platforms identically. For years, Internet Explorer (IE) was Microsoft’s default internet browser, and its market reception was not encouraging. This prompted Microsoft to go back to the drawing board and build a better browser with more comprehensive tools. Finally, in 2015, Microsoft Edge was released to replace Internet Explorer (IE).

Microsoft Edge has more advanced features and can be a good alternative browser to popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome. The current version of Edge is based on Chromium. This means it can run several extensions that were initially meant for Google Chrome users. This includes in-browser games, productivity tools, screen readers, and more.

Microsoft Edge is capable of synchronizing your data if you have a Microsoft account. Meaning, if you log in on a different computer, all your browsing data will be available in no time. In case you’re having issues locating your Microsoft Edge installation, worry not, because you’re at the right place.

How to Locate Microsoft Edge on Your Device

Just like every other software on your device, once you install Microsoft Edge, it also occupies space alongside other programs and applications that you already installed. To locate Microsoft Edge, follow the steps below.

Locate Microsoft Edge On Windows 10

Go to File Explorer and click on the C: disk. After that, click on the Windows folder and then go to the SystemApps folder. Once the SystemApps folder is open, click on Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe folder and it will lead you to the location of the Microsoft Edge files. If you wish to launch it, you can double-click on the MicrosoftEdge.Exe file. The path file below demonstrates the whole process.


Note that, before you install it, it is important to check the MicrosoftEdge.exe process on your PC to ascertain if it is a threat. Some malware disguise as a MicrosoftEdge.exe, and that is why it is recommendable to inspect the process. You can use some anti-malware software to ensure that the process is secure and safe.

Locate Microsoft Edge on macOS

Locating Microsoft Edge on your Mac is not as complicated as on a Windows PC. After installing Microsoft Edge on macOS, you can access it from your dock by just opening the Finder app and then clicking from the left sidebar on the Applications folder. The Applications folder will display a list of all installed apps on your Mac. To locate Microsoft Edge, scroll down the list and launch it by double-clicking on it. The path file below shows the default location of Microsoft Edge on macOS.

Macintosh HD/ Applications/ Microsoft Edge


Top Features of Microsoft Edge

For Microsoft Edge to meet every user’s needs, its developers incorporated new advanced features. The enhancement has led to a better reception of the new Chromium-based browser in the market. Microsoft Edge enjoys a variety of top-notch features. For instance, it has better compatibility with extensions and websites, it also offers a great experience in terms of speed, and has an improved support and security system.

These are some of the features that have contributed to the success of this new Microsoft default browser. As a Microsoft Edge user, to enjoy an even better user experience, you should enable your JavaScript. Read more here on how to run JavaScript in your Edge browser.

Final Remarks

The fact that you can easily copy or migrate your bookmarks, form autofill information, passwords, and basic settings to the new Microsoft Edge with just a single click is mind-blowing. Besides, the new Microsoft Edge features are also outstanding and easy to use. You can now easily access it and enjoy the new and improved browsing experience!