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Earthmovers like bulldozers, cranes, etc., are expensive yet essential investments for a construction business. If you use these machines daily, you might also know the risk they bring along. Such pieces of machinery are compatible to work in the toughest environment. But still, the risk of damage or loss is always high. It’s impossible to predict when you need to replace any part of your machinery because of unexpected damage. Well, you cannot predict the loss you will face in the future, but at least you can decrease its financial impact. 



Through policies like plant and equipment insurance. This type of insurance policy covers all your earthmoving machines to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Keep reading to learn about this insurance policy in detail.

What Is Plant And Equipment Insurance

A plant and equipment insurance is basically a policy that covers various types of machines or earthmovers like compressors, bulldozers, cranes, etc. For construction businesses or firms dealing with renting/using such machiners frequently, this insurance policy is a lifeguard. As said above, these types of machines are really expensive investments. In fact, it’s also quite costly to even handle the small repairing cost of such machines. 


And when it comes to losing them, it’s like a nightmare to the owner. Losing earthmovers will impact not only funds but the flow of production. In such scenarios, you want someone who can take accountability for all the losses and damages to your excavators. And that’s when plant and equipment insurance will help you. 


Since this policy covers almost all your heavy machinery, you don’t have to worry about arranging funds to overcome that loss. Your insurance company will provide you with the required compensation for your losses towards your earthmovers.

Things PAE Insurance Covers

Before buying any insurance policy, the first question that comes to mind is whether it covers all machines or not. These types of insurance policies cover a wide range of machines and situations. Following is a list of coverages that this insurance policy offers:


  • It covers most types of machinery such as cranes, compressors, drilling machines, excavators, forklift trucks, pile driving devices, and other heavy machines. 
  • The accidental damage or loss to your construction premises.
  • This policy covers the mobile equipment during both idle and running conditions.
  • The compensation to the third party for the damage or repair caused by your machinery. 
  • All the legal expenses- if the third party sued your company.

Where Can You Purchase This Insurance Policy

There are so many sellers or companies in the market offering plant and equipment insurance. You can use third-party websites like Truckinsurancehq to find the best insurance company according to your needs. It’s one of the finest and top-leading insurance brokers in Australia. They deal with more than 170 local and international insurers, helping them find the perfect insurer for your company. Visit their website to learn more about them in detail.

Final Words

So, this was a short guide on plant and equipment insurance. If you own a construction business, then go purchase this policy right now to keep your business on the safer side and away from all the unexpected financial losses.