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One of the most awaited horse racing events in England, the Grand National attracts passionate race lovers and sports betting enthusiasts alike. Indeed, if there is one sporting event that can’t be missed by British people from all walks of life, this is it. But valuable horse racing information is what makes the Grand National simply unmissable? Find it out below.


  1. Its Length

Racecourses vary in length, but if you want to enjoy the races at one of the longest tracks in the world, you can’t go wrong with Aintree’s Grand National. Just as its name suggests, this racecourse is big. Stretching over four and a half miles, it features 30 fences and can challenge 40 riders at a time. Indeed, the track is so long that it took the first horse to ever win the competition back in 1839, Lottery, a whopping 14 minutes and 53 seconds to get to the finish line.


  1. The Chair

We already told you the Aintree racecourse has 30 fences, but not all of them are particularly intimidating. In fact, most jockeys have no issues with most of them. Most don’t mean all, however, because there is The Chair. This particular fence can intimidate not only new but also seasoned jockeys. It stands 5 feet and 3 inches tall and is one of those fences that can make a difference between the best jockey-horse combo in the world and the masses.


  1. Its History

The Grand National’s history spans more than 180 years and is incredibly rich. To name just a few fun facts, the youngest jockey to ever win the Grand National was only 17 years old, and the first woman jockey to ever compete in the event joined the race in 1977. Other noteworthy moments include the race in 1990 when Marcus Armytage won despite not being a professional jockey.


  1. Its Stars

It is easy to understand that the Grand National’s stars are the horses, especially Red Rum and Golden Miller. The former impressed the crowds between 1973 and 1977 with its three golden cup records, despite suffering from a debilitating bone disease. The latter didn’t suffer from any diseases, but is the only horse in the Grand National history to ever win five consecutive races between 1932 and 1936, not to mention it is also the only horse to have completed the Cheltenham and Grand National double in 1934.


  1. The Trainers

When thinking about races, most people only consider the horses and jockeys. The trainers rarely enjoy the flashlights, but the truth is that without them, the entire Grand National would be less exciting. While there are loads of trainers worth mentioning – and who contributed to making the Grand National simply unmissable – Vincent O’Brien deserves a special place as the only trainer who won the race for three years in a row. The three successive champions were Early Mist, Royal Tan, and Quare Times, and they competed between 1953 and 1955.