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A new initiative, called the Polaris Community Development Programme, has been jointly launched by Polaris Music Prize and Music Canada to support and develop music community in Canada. As an initial activity, it will partner with 10 Canadian not-for-profit music organisations to remove barriers to access for engaged music creators, entrepreneurs and change makers.

Each of these organisations will get tickets to the Polaris Music Prize Gala which they can distribute to individual musicians who want to participate in programme. The programme also includes additional opportunities for participants to connect with Polaris staff, Board members and other community members on the night of the Gala.

“Our objective is to provide aspiring music professionals, who normally lack the means or access to music events, an opportunity to participate in the industry and community that Polaris attracts,” says Steve Jordan, Founder and Executive Director of the Polaris Music Prize. “Our hope is that by lifting these barriers we can in a small way help develop diversity in the next generation of music supporters and protectors.”

“Music Canada is committed to challenging the status quo and advancing practical solutions to improve equity and representation in the Canadian music industry,” says Amy Terrill, Executive Vice President of Music Canada and Polaris Board Chair. “Polaris Music Prize, an organization focused on artistic excellence with a history of celebrating diverse sounds and viewpoints, is the perfect host for this program.”