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The Government of Canada has decided to fund the problem of homelessness faced by the Canadians in London. Adam Vaughan, Parliamentary Secretary (Housing and Urban Affairs),  declared that Canada’s Homelessness Partnering Strategy’s (HPS) Innovative Solutions to Homelessness will provide $223,572 to the Lawson Health Research Institute.

Adam Vaughan said: “I’m pleased that we continue to support the London Health Sciences Centre Research. In providing individuals with the assistance they need when leaving the hospital, they are breaking the cycle of homelessness in the community. The No Fixed Address strategy is an important step in the development of a best-practice model of discharge in Canada.”
With this aid, the Lawson Health Research Institute, a part of the London Health Sciences Centre Research, can further develop its No Fixed Address project. The project is aimed at providing support to patients during the transitional period when they are being discharged from the hospital and re-integrated into the community. Now the project can offer support to two more hospitals: the Victoria Hospital and the University Hospital. Through partnerships between service providers and non-profit organisations the No Fixed Address strategy helps prevent homelessness by providing timely and accessible support to patients who would otherwise be discharged into homelessness. The previous No Fixed Address strategy was found to prevent homelessness in 95 per cent of cases.