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Students from the United States, Canada and Mexico Excel Outside of the Classroom and Inspire Others by Sharing their Passion for Learning


Four students with four unique experiences, residing in three different countries. What do they all have in common? They have either completed or are on the path of completing the entire Kumon Math and Reading Program, which ends with critical reading and calculus. Their mastery of self-learning and ability to study above grade level has led them to achieve remarkable heights at such a young age.

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Meet Jessica, at 10-years-old she speaks six languages and dreams of becoming a fiction writer one day.

Meet Elina, 14-years-old. She won a national architecture competition that asked students to design a model for future schools.

Meet Etash, at 16-years-old he has already created and published two apps, won the 2017 Congressional App Challenge for Colorado and was invited to Washington DC by his congressman.

Meet Jesica, 20-years-old. She is researching accessible and inexpensive solutions for diabetes—Mexico’s number one cause of death—in the diabetes lab at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

“The 2018 inspirational students are a remarkable and diverse group with bright futures ahead of them,” said Sung Park, vice president of materials development and instruction at Kumon North America, Inc. “This year’s group of students all achieved ‘J by 6,’ which in Kumon is the study of critical reading and algebra by the 6th grade. With the annual release of our inspirational student videos, we hope to inspire more students to achieve ‘J by 6,’ which will prepare them to excel in high school and beyond.”

Kumon strives to cultivate confident and independent students who become life-long learners both inside and outside of the classroom. As a learning program based on ability, rather than age or grade, Kumon Instructors across North America are helping children learn without limits by inspiring them to reach heights they never imagined possible. The success of the program is evident in the accomplishments of the students.

Discover how Kumon can give your children the skills to achieve extraordinary things.