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BEIJING, Aug. 23, 2018  – Ke Xu, the female CEO of ONO, one of the world’s first decentralized social network, was featured in Forbes, and her “competitive spirit” recognized for being her motivational driver.

“I am thankful to Forbes for helping me to provide millions of people around the world with the opportunity to benefit from their creations by propagating our message of freedom and values” Ke Xusaid. “At ONO, we feel the makings of a paradigm of abundance for creating this unique decentralized social network” she added.

The “brainchild” of this young, and talented female CEO has taken off around the world, and the number of global subscribers jumped to 3,459,871 as of Friday, August 17th, 2018.

The participation of women in the workforce in China has had a direct correlation with the mainland’s economic growth, and fostering female inclusivity is essential for companies to achieve success as their number continues to grow.

“We are a global company that puts the emphasis on people and their diversity. We strongly believe this is a key factor to ONO’s success. We are extremely proud to be driving change in the industry and creating a positive working environment for our employees and partners, regardless of their gender or background,” said Ke Xu.

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Founded in 2017 by Ke Xu, founder of ERA and CryptoDogs, ONO is a social network based on blockchain technology which focuses on the value of attention and offers a free, decentralized social platform to a new generation of social network users. ONO investors include INBlockchain, China Growth Capital, Purple Cow Fund, KIP, Xiongan Fund, and Grand Shores. ONO is headquartered in Beijing, China, with offices in the U.S. and Australia. The social network is governed by 51 Super Partners. Ono empowers its users to retain ownership over their data, and fairly compensates content creators for publishing original content.


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