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Do I need an SEO agency?

The answer is a definitive yes but do you understand why? Even after committing to it, how often does SEO need to be? Most people assume SEO is a disposable option for marketing, but that’s a wrong assumption. 

You need SEO and you need it now. 

Don’t fret, we’re here to deep-dive into the reasons explaining this. Continue reading our guide right here to understand the different ways SEO can boost your law firm: 

More Traffic, More Clients

One of the main objectives of Search Engine Optimization is to drive traffic to your website. With more people visiting your website, the better the chances are of your site popping up on the first page of Google search results. Of course, with more site visitors, the higher the likelihood of someone consulting your law firm.

You can’t gain clients if no one visits your website, after all. 

Think of it as a physical shop. Your site is the store, and no matter how pretty it is, you won’t earn until someone walks in. 

Local Targeting

A good SEO strategy will help your law firm attract local clients. It’s a good way of narrowing your marketing efforts to people within your neighborhood’s vicinity. It’ll help you avoid marketing to people outside your jurisdiction. 

How does an attorney SEO firm achieve this? 

One step is through long-tail keywords that target a specific area. Instead of page content or blog posts with a general keyword phrase, you could use something specific like “law firm in Chicago.” 

Besides long-tail keywords, another method is to focus on Google My Business. This puts your business on Google Maps and enables locals to leave reviews. It’s a good way to start building backlinks too. 

Your Competitors Do It Too

There are over 30 million small businesses in the US. Think about how many other law firms there are in your neighborhood alone. It’s more than likely that those law firms are already knee-deep in their SEO campaign. 

This means they already have a head start. They already have content and backlinks boosting the credibility and visibility of their law firm website. You need to conduct SEO to guarantee your law firm survives such a competitive market.

Some people don’t always go for the best law firm in town. Some will simply go for the first one they see and that’s a spot you need to fight for. Be the best and the most visible law firm to guarantee clients will come to you and not your competitors.

Building Authority

One reason to conduct SEO is the fact it relies heavily on good content. It’s not solely about building backlinks and using keywords. There is a strong emphasis on delivering relevant content that educates and entertains your potential audience. 

Doing this will make people repeatedly link back to your posts. When more people visit your site and share your content, the more Google identifies you as an authority concerning a certain niche topic. After all, people wouldn’t keep coming back or linking to your content if it wasn’t worth it. 

This is even more important for law firms. You want people to look at you as an authority. Why would they turn to a law firm that can’t highlight its expertise?

Clients should look at you as an expert in your field and conducting SEO is one way to attain this.

Gaining Positive Feedback

SEO isn’t only about blogging and using keywords to dictate the content and design of your law firm’s website. It’s also a gateway to gaining positive feedback from your niche audience. 

Take Google My Business as an example.

With proper SEO methods, you can request previous clients to leave positive reviews on your Google My Business page. The higher your rating, the more likely it is that people will trust your services. They’ll flock to your law firm because of the positive feedback.

SEO is also a good way of generating consumer reviews on social media. Yes, social media doesn’t affect SEO directly but it’s still a good corner of digital marketing to help drive traffic and better brand awareness. 

Show’s Recent Activity

SEO keeps your website alive. It guarantees there is always new content posted. People might avoid a website, even if it ranks high or looks pretty if it seems like an inactive landscape. 

Remember that the hard part of building a website is designing the core pages like your About Us and services pages. However, once you get all that done, your site won’t need a revision for a long while. It won’t have any new content indicating activity unless you have a blog and a news feed for subscribers or social media networking.

Of course, this does require consistency with blog posts. You need to keep posting something a few times per week, every month. 

Is an SEO copywriter needed for this? The answer is yes. Working with SEO experts and writers can guarantee you don’t waste time writing page content or blogs. They’ll handle it for you, ensuring you spend your time doing what you do best: serving the people as an attorney

You Need SEO For Your Law Firm Today

Do I need SEO for my website?

There’s no denying it: your law firm will need SEO. Your firm won’t survive an online market without the right tools and tactics to stay visible and relevant for today’s clients. The benefits easily outweigh any potential cons, such as the expenses and resources needed to conduct a good SEO campaign.

Of course, understanding the advantages of SEO for your law firm is only the first step.

You also need to hire a reliable SEO company to implement all this and put it into action. Learn how to find and hire the right SEO agency by reading more of our in-depth marketing posts right here, today!