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In today’s internet world, if you don’t have some form of social media presence for your business, you will certainly be missing out on potential customers. As a matter of fact, some even believe you will soon be out of business if you don’t start mastering at least one of the many social media channels available today. We are talking about Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat and of course, YouTube.

The different social media platforms all have their own advantages and disadvantages but this article will focus on YouTube. A Google product with over 2 billion users every day across 130 countries. If you think YouTube is only for gaming, crafts and music then you couldn’t be more wrong. In the last few years YouTube has developed into one of the most important social media platforms for small businesses. In this article we will look at three reasons why and how, small Startup business can benefit from having a professional YouTube channel. Tourism, Education and Food are some of the industries that already use YouTube for their marketing strategy and they are now being joined by small businesses and independent contractors within different services.

There are some good reasons why YouTube may be the best social media platform for plumbers, carpenters, painters and car mechanics wanting to showcase their services and professional skills. One industry that early realized the value of YouTube is the Locksmith industry. Several brands, including, a nationwide Locksmith service, opened their YouTube channel more than five years ago and since then many more have joined.

All of this is covered within this very short article, so let’s go ahead and get started right now.

1. Brand awareness

This is one of the most obvious reasons for any business to create YouTube videos and upload them, to begin with. Given that the internet is such a competitive space, it can be very difficult to stand out and catch people’s attention. However, by uploading videos that contain valuable information you can easily start to gain a following, and this is a tactic that is used by brands and businesses all over the world. YouTube is also the perfect platform because people prefer to watch videos rather than read through masses of information, which is why you will often find that videos can be just a few minutes long.

In the case of Get-Locksmith, this is a company offering emergency services and for any company of this kind, brand recognition is very important. People tend to trust a brand they recognize even if they never used them before. Brand awareness is done very effectively through YouTube especially when combined with transparency as this helps to create a feeling of trustworthiness. When people are asked what makes them choose one company over another it’s most often an issue about who they feel they can trust.


2. Enhance viewers knowledge and trust

Aside from raising awareness about the brand, YouTube videos are often designed to provide viewers with a bit of useful information. After all, if the videos were just a relentless marketing effort then they wouldn’t be enjoyable to watch, and the viewer would certainly not leave with any additional knowledge about what the channel is promoting. With that in mind, a YouTube channel is able to enhance the knowledge of viewers concerning certain areas related to the services offered by the service provider, explain how they work and give actionable tips and advice. For sure we will see many more of these types of service and DIY videos in the future.

By having their own YouTube channel, Get-Locksmith is able to effectively raise awareness as well as the overall knowledge of the site among its viewers. And by showcasing some of the emergency services they provide help with, people will start to develop an understanding of what they can expect when they call for help or ask to have theri locks inspected or replaced. Together with brand awareness this creates a high level of trust. This is obviously the ultimate goal of showcasing such features, as the viewer gets a chance to become familiar with both services and the people behind the company. In a sector like the locksmiths where trust is important, a YouTube channel can be a great way to allow people to meet the staff and prepare themselves for who they will meet when they need help.


  1. Showcase key products and services

Now that we’ve touched upon brand awareness as well as videos enhancing the knowledge of their viewers, let’s delve a little deeper into why a small business or contractor would showcase their services. To perfectly describe why they would want to do this, we would like to highlight the words of a business guru in the form of Steve Jobs. This great man stated that people do not know what they want until you show it to them, and that was his entire objective behind all of the marketing campaigns with Apple. This relates to all businesses because they could have the best products or services in the world, but if no one becomes interested in the first place, then they will not be a success.

Obviously, the videos can go far beyond just showcasing specific services and updated features of the site. A YouTube channel for a Locksmith brand could easily be used to upload live streamed videos of real lockout situations as well as more informative videos of what or what not to do in case of an emergency or how to open a local Locksmith Franchise. The possibilities really are endless concerning what is showcased through these YouTube videos.


Will more brands get their own channel?

We believe the answer to be yes. Get-Locksmith has been used as an example in this article as one of the brands within a large service sector that are storming ahead concerning their understanding of utilizing the YouTube platform to leverage their marketing efforts and more will follow. There are several guides on how to create a YouTube business account and great examples of how YouTube can be used for different types of businesses. YouTube is a Google product and businesses dependent on traffic to their website from Google may see some great benefits of having a YouTube channel parallel to their homepage or Google My Business listing. It won’t be long until running a YouTube channel will be just as important as maintaining a physical office location. The truth is we believe it already is!