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Instagram has emerged as a rich and immersive social media platform for brands to connect with users and vice versa. 

The simplicity in operating the social media page was the primary reason for its success. All you had to do was post a photo along with a captivating caption and a handful of hashtags. Soon enough, you would have a fair number of followers that could fetch you some brand credibility. 

However, the increased popularity and user base of the platform has also brought about some amount of complexity in the algorithms powering this website. At present, your Instagram marketing strategy calls for consistency, greater involvement, and thorough planning.

If you plan on starting your brand’s Instagram page, then here are seven essential things that you must bear in mind:

  1. Timing is Everything

As with every social media, you need to work on the best times to publish your post. Fortunately, you do not have to rely on a trial and error method of determining the best time to post your content. According to leading platforms like HubSpot, you must aim to post between 2 to 3 pm. Thursday is the best day of the week for posting, and on this day, you may even put up your post at 5 am, 11 am, and 4 pm to get heightened responses.

Additionally, you can throw in a few random posts at different schedules to see how they perform. Eventually, Instagram is all about the #InstaClick and #InstaUpload, and your followers might enjoy the spontaneity.


2. Work Hard AND #Smart

Instagram may have changed dramatically over the past few years. However, one fundamental aspect of the platform has remained unchanged throughout – hashtags.

If you want to get more Instagram followers, hashtags continue to be the easiest way to get seen. Hence, put in the elbow grease to find the hashtags that work well with your audiences. Discover these hashtags, create some, and learn from your competitors.

Create a mixed bag of random, branded, and popular hashtags and add it to your posts. Try to use niche hashtags rather than going with generic ones as they will get better responses.


3. Copywriting is an Art

Brevity is the key to marketing success over Instagram. As the user’s attention span continues to shrink, you need to grab their interests in a handful of words. Make use of tongue-in-cheek one-liners or witty captions to titillate your audiences. 

Don’t just limit your cleverness to your own page. You can even try something as risque as roasting your competitors. However, don’t dish out if you can’t take it. Be fully prepared for rebuttals and battle of wits.


4. Content Diversity Matters

Granted that photos perform exceptionally well on Instagram, do not limit yourself to still images. Posting similar content over and over again could lead to viewer’s fatigue. With the introduction of Instagram Reels and IGTV, you can add voice and personality to all your posts. Similarly, post GIFs and short video clips in your stories to see how your followers engage with these posts. If you register an appreciable response, you can weave it into your Instagram marketing strategy and transform it into a recurring gimmick.


5. Photos Speak Louder

While you may work on diversifying your content, it is equally vital to upgrade your photographs. Instagram is a visual medium, and users will not spend a second engaging with low-quality content. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will have to blow your budget over fancy and expensive equipment. In fact, you can work your way through the Instagram world with just a smartphone. In the meantime, dedicate some time mastering the art of photography and understanding the various elements of a photograph, such as lighting, composition, color rendition, etc. 

Even a basic understanding of the core concepts of photography can help you capture awesome, eye-catching photos that will delight your followers.

A word of caution here: No matter how tempted you get, do NOT apply filters to your images as Instagram users have a keen eye for detecting it. This slip-up can result in trust erosion, which will hurt your business.


6. We’re All in This Together

Audiences love it when brands interact with each other. As stated previously, you can make your Instagram profile more interesting by engaging with your competitors. Similarly, you can even collaborate with other brands and run campaigns with them on Instagram.

Partnering with other brands, which may or may not be related to your industry, could also unlock opportunities to connect with a wider audience. It could act as an introduction to the clients who are already loyal clients of your partner brand.

Given that several businesses are on the lookout for partnerships, finding a brand to work with is not difficult. Send them a Direct Message and develop a combined strategy that meets your shared purpose. From thereon, you could co-host contests or publish a series that connects with the audience.


7. Post Less, Listen More

Instagram is a level-playing field where every brand attempts to come off as approachable. Hence, it is crucial for brands to care about their followers’ thoughts and opinions and act upon it. Instagram Stories is one of the best ways to gather feedback. You may use polls or suggestion boxes to welcome your fans. You may not have to follow every bit of feedback that you get, but you should neither dismiss these as they can be instrumental in modifying your marketing strategy.

You can also practice Social Listening through a set of hashtags or dedicated tools to read all about your brand perception. Put your findings to use and curate a memorable user experience for all your followers.


Final Thoughts

Growing your brand value and reach may appear to be rather intimidating at first. However, once you get the hang of it, you will find it easier to navigate your way through Instagram. Finally, make it a point to stay consistent and generate high-quality content to keep your audiences engaged. The above tips will grant some perspective as you explore all the possibilities!