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New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – October 13, 2021) – Whatever may be felt about them, the NFT has undoubtedly caused a splash. Ever since that $69.3 million sale hit the headlines, they’ve been big news. And though some are debating the longevity of the phenomenon (the market has taken a downward turn lately), others are convinced they are here to stay.

Giraffes At The Bar has been on the minds of many people looking to invest in an upcoming project.

And with the drop in September, the hype sure seems to have been real, and they are here to stay.

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What is GATB?

Giraffes At The Bar is a collection of 2500 Drunken Giraffe NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Giraffe NFT is uniquely generated from a pool of 160+ traits, listed under eight categories, all varying rarities.

What makes this NFT different?

Of course, including all the usual bonuses from NFT launches, like giveaways, these devs – Tom and Chaz, along with their fantastic team, have thought about it all. Unique design, community events, special surprises for Giraffe owners, and much more. These guys have created an NFT with a roadmap that separates it from the competition and will help maintain a stable value for holders.

Creates Value for the Tokenized Asset: NFTs create a medium whereby you can replace physical objects like artworks-eliminating the duplication of such artwork and limiting ownership to the artist. This, in turn, creates scarcity for the art and hence, value for it.

It provides Investors more Liquidity: Tokenizing assets gives investors more liquidity over their assets when they need it. For example, a virtual landowner or owner of a fine-art collectible can split their tokenized land into fractions, enabling factional trades of an otherwise illiquid asset. This is becoming a trend in collectibles and fine art and allowing the masses to invest in fine art and collectibles, which otherwise would have an extremely high barrier of entry.

Potential for growth and development: NFTs possess an excellent prospect for growth and development for illiquid assets such as land, fine art, and collectibles. Through NFTs and tokenization, anyone can trade and exchange these illiquid assets through the blockchain, a trustless technology enabling these standards to happen. The room for growth is exponential with consumer adoption and the ongoing expansion of digital ownership.

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