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Singapore, Singapore–(Newsfile Corp. – September 12, 2021) – Feng Xu, a contemporary and the first bunny artist in China, the creator of the “Miss U Bunny” fairyland, and the initiator of the “Bunny Charity Plan” presents Serie of NFTs to Commemorate COVID-19. His works are widely recognized by the public as paintings of warm and vivid bunnies. He has attended many important exhibitions and was awarded dozens of times. His first inspiration of bunny was sparked when Feng Xu had a close encounter with a bunny in the jungle. Back then, his pregnant wife was staying at his hometown. The bunny that he saw carried his miss and hope brought by the new baby. Since then, especially after the birth of his son, he began to draw bunnies and refer to them as people. He hopes to convey a message of love through bunnies. He believes that certain power and warmth can be spread among people and influence them. To the date, Xu Feng has exhibited over one hundred bunny exhibitions.

Xu Feng

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Xu Feng believes that good painting or handwriting skills can only make you a good painter or calligrapher, yet it cannot make you a good artist. Artists should always aim higher for spirit pursuit and creativity. Good art works should be closely related to our daily life. Your art is your life. Sincerely express what the era makes you feel and express it in the way you are best at it. This is the art Feng Xu wants to pursue.

Bunny Charity Plan: Pass on love to others

Feng Xu has drawn various bunnies, such as bunnies that are cute and childish, a family portrait of four bunnies, a bunny wearing a mask, or a bunny wearing a suit yet standing in the jungle. The last bunny, Feng Xu once said, refers to himself. The jungle behind the bunny refers to his rustic hometown, and the suit refers to his big city identity. The jungle and the suit point out a conflict, just like the conflict between his current big city identity and his childhood in the small town. Now, he can simply accept this conflict and unnaturalness, face it with a smile and look at it like an outsider. He is optimistic towards life and keeps influencing his wife (a fashion designer), mother (a tailor), and father-in-law (a carpenter), trying to help them become artists and discover arts in the things they make.

The poverty-stricken hometown is never an identity burden, but the place where he wants to feed back with love. Back then, when he came to Beijing from Guizhou, he was funded by others. Now, he wants to pass on the love to the students there. In 2018, he held an exhibition called “The Warm Bunny”, donated half of the income to his alma mater, and set up the “Bunny Charity Plan” to support poor students with excellent grades. He sees this plan as part of his art, demonstrating the bunny spirit, conveying love and warmth. Feng Xu said: “God helps those who help themselves and gives them love and warmth.”

Bring the Miss U Bunny to the NFT World

In August, 2021, Feng Xu decided to mint 24 exclusive Miss U Bunnies as NFT. The NFT market is a borderless circulating market, where all artists, collectors and art appreciators are gathered in one place. He wants to let the bunnies meet more people around the world and bring warmth to them. The first 18 NFTs will be auctioned on OpenSea for two weeks. These 18 NFT artworks were created during COVID-19, which commemorate the special time of people covering masks and the desire to breathe fresh air and live in a healthy world.

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