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Beijing, China–(Newsfile Corp. – July 21, 2021) – SAI’s Future First strategy aligns the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives to the material issues that impact its stakeholders, business and the world.

As a leader in supercomputing and crypto mining industry, SAI has the opportunity to harness the power of technology in order to create a more sustainable future. SAI is committed to protecting the planet, connecting everyone to the benefits of the digital world.

SAI’s corporate sustainability program is comprised of its environment, social and governance (ESG) initiatives that focus on material issues to positively impact the key stakeholders.

The ESG report will be published at an annually basis.

SAI followed GRI standards to prepare this report.

Message from the CEO

SAI was established in 2019 and has been committed to solving the problem of energy costs of computing. Bearing the mission of becoming the world’s first horizontally integrated clean energy technology company, SAI serves its customers around the world with business solutions from computing power to electricity to heating.

Looking back at the development history of several industrial revolutions: the first industrial revolution, the heating from steam made it possible to replace hand production with machines in transportation and manufacturing industrials; the second industry revolution began with electricity and electrification in the electrical industries. The introduction of hydroelectric power generation in the Alps enabled the rapid industrialization of coal-deprived northern Italy, beginning in the 1890s.; in the third scientific and technological revolution, the computing industry has greatly shortened the time and space barriers of the physical world through computing power. The value created by each kilowatt-hour of electricity is getting higher. In this process, SAI discovered that the energy efficiency improvement process in the carbon-based world (that is, the physical world of human real life) can be understood as the improvement of atomic energy efficiency. Similarly, the transfer of value in the silicon-based world can also become more efficient through the global network of digital finance and encrypted assets. In the silicon-based world, the efficiency of value and information transmission is mainly improved by continuously improving electronic energy efficiency. And with the development of human society and the advancement of science and technology, this trend will further accelerate.

SAI believes that all developments in the silicon-based world must be based on computing. The computing core costs can be summarized as energy cost(including heating and electricity), and computing cost(including chip and algorithm). If SAI stretches the timeline, SAI will find that energy costs will account for the largest proportion.

According to the recent studies, about 5% of the total global power generation in 2020 is used for computing. However, according to official forecasts, 15% to 25% of global power generation by 2030 will be used for computing industry.

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