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Beijing, China–(Newsfile Corp. – July 9, 2021) – SAI is pleased to present its carbon footprint methodology report and the results of the first national wide data collection exercise. The report presents the carbon footprint of SAI in the year 2020. The majority of carbon emissions are from the electricity consumptions for running the data centers and bitcoin mining. However, SAI has explored different ways to recover and reuse waste heat in order to create additional sources of income and offset electricity costs.

This document was made possible thanks to the support of Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), UNFCCC officers and other professionals who advised SAI with their expertise in carbon footprint calculation, report standards.

Background about SAI and the Supercomputing Industry

1. About SAI

SAI was established in 2019 and has been committed to solving the problem of energy costs of computing. Bearing the mission of becoming the world’s first horizontally integrated clean energy technology company, SAI serves its customers around the world with business solutions from computing to electricity to heating.

2. Main Technology Segments

SAIHEAT (Chip waste heat utilization)
SAIWATT (Clean power consumption)
SAIBYTE (Computing cloud network system)
SAICHIP (New computing chip)

3. Global supercomputing market

The rapid development of some new industries, such as cloud computing, big data, edge computing, artificial intelligence, etc., accelerated the evolution of super-computing.

As for the global supercomputing market, according to Reports and Data, it is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 9.5% during 2020 to 2026, reaching USD 13.06 Billion by 2027. The increase in demand for higher processing power and broad adoption of supercomputing systems in commercial sectors are the two major factors driving the growth of this market. Applications of supercomputers can be found in engineering, product design, complex supply chain optimization, and Bitcoin mining.

The supercomputer market is concentrated. On November 18th, 2019, TOP500 announced the list of global top 500 supercomputers. From the perspective of entry numbers, China has further strengthened its leading position over the United States. Of the top 500, China accounts for 228, while the United States accounts for 117, presenting an absolute leading advantage over the United States.

From the perspective of computing power, the United States is still at the top of the list. Among the top 500, the United States accounts for 37.1% of the total computing performance, while China accounts for 32.3%. However, the gap between these two countries is shrinking.

2019 Global top 500 supercomputers, in terms of numbers

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Seasonal Effect

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Carbon Footprint Calculation

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Achieving carbon neutrality before 2022

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Steps to Carbon Offset

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The Traditional Heating Flow

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Use SAICAB to build the crypto mining center and also collect the heat from the chips, power the heat to residents’ house, public facilities etc.

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Assumptions to test how much carbon emissions SAI can reduce

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Summary: SAI’s Influence Power

SAI helps reduce global carbon emissions in the computing, energy and heating industries.

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Any industry will cause huge carbon emissions to society. In the solution given by SAI, the three industries can reduce their carbon emissions and improve their energy efficiency.

The more the solutions offered by SAI are used, the more carbon emissions can be reduced, thereby SAI can achieve a carbon neutrality sooner than it expects.

International Commitment

UNFCCC Climate Neutral Now Initiative

SAI joined the UNFCCC Climate Neutral Now (UNFCCC Climate Neutral Now, hereinafter referred to as the “Neutral Initiative”) launched by the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

This global computing energy operator empowered by clean energy for high-performance chips has become the world’s first digital asset company to join the UNFCCC, and also the first in the industry to sign a commitment to the United Nations to reduce the cost by providing clean computing power. SAI is committed to reducing carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality by providing clean computing power.

The initiative is promoted and implemented by the secretariat of the UNFCCC, which provides scientific methods to reduce corporate carbon footprints and help achieve carbon neutrality. As of the end of 2020, there have been a number of contracted members including various enterprises, organizations, international and intergovernmental agencies, United Nations agencies, individuals, etc., covering multiple industries such as finance, technology, and engineering.

Organization of Clean Energy and Computing

In order to get more attention from its peers and lead to momentum changes by the industry, SAI found a non-profit membership association called OCEC (Organization of Clean Energy and Computing) and is currently open to applicants who want to join. Not only any organizations involved in cryptocurrency mining and energy industries are welcomed, but OCEC also welcomes the media companies, research institutes, public to participate.

Benefits of joining OCEC:

All members of OCEC have the right to reach to a number of resources, including connections with clean energy suppliers, technical guidance for the transformation of traditional thermal power mines in order to reduce their carbon emissions, etc. The members who use clean energy to power its mining centers will be promoted by OCEC through all its channels.

Conclusion and Prospects

SAI’s development philosophy has always been to do its best to make contributions to society. As the first company in the industry to publish a carbon footprint report, SAI wants to set an example and lead other companies in the industry to make changes and contribute their efforts to promote carbon neutrality for the entire society.

According to SAI’s carbon footprint report, the electricity used for powering the chips mainly contributed to SAI’s carbon emissions. China electricity is expected to decarbonize over time due to strong national policies, as part of the 2060 carbon neutral target. By 2030, renewables are expected to be 50% of the energy mix, 12% higher than today. Also, SAI can move its SAICAB to anywhere where the power plants are located, which means SAI can use up to 100% renewable energy to power its crypto mining and supercomputing chips. It will make SAI’s total carbon emissions reach less than 1000 tons of Carbon Dioxide (equivalent) per year. SAI can simply buy carbon credits to offset the emissions and achieve carbon neutrality.

More importantly, SAI’s innovative technologies can help reduce carbon emissions from different aspects.

For the heating industry, the electricity used by the chips counts for 90% of the total electricity consumed in our crypto mining and supercomputing centers. 90% of the heat generated by the chips was collected and reuse for central heating of residential houses, farms, public facilities, etc.

This allows customers to reduce the cost of computing power and heating power by about 35% while effectively reducing the power supporting investment, realizing a clean computing power solution.

For renewable energy peak cut, SAICAB can be used as a “profitable” battery to consume idle electricity. bitcoin miners, on the other hand, are an ideal complementary technology for renewables and storage. Combining generation with both storage and miners presents a better overall value proposition than building generation and storage alone.

For flue gases, directly polluting the gases into the air will cause great damage to the earth’s environment. In a traditional setup, a significant portion of the energy contained in the blast-furnace gas goes unutilized: tremendous amounts of pressure and heat are wasted when the stream of gas hits a simple throttling group that reduces pressure to values suitable for the low-pressure gas network. By using the carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technology and turbines to reuse the wasted gases, SAI can use the energy to power its SAICAB, thereby reduce the carbon emissions and also supply the heat to the residents houses, farms, and other public facilities.

The power of a person and a company is small. SAI has actively participated in many international organizations and initiatives to provide solutions to the global climate crisis. As the first company in the crypto mining industry who joined the UNFCCC Climate Neutral Now initiative, SAI is using its influence to lead other peers to make changes together. As the founder of OCEC, SAI is expected to lead OCEC to contribute a long-term impact on the four dimensions of environment, energy, economy, and society. In the environmental dimension, the negative impact of cryptocurrency mining and related activities on human and environmental health can be reduced. The energy dimension is to increase the diversity of energy measurement for cryptocurrency mining and increase the use of clean energy. In the economic dimension, the goal is to demonstrate the inherent benefits that the OCEC brings to cryptocurrency miners and related organizations, especially the economic profitability. The social goal is to have a greater influence on a global scale, promote more global knowledge exchanges about clean computing power, and improve the traceability of clean computing power.

While the world will need to reach net-zero, those who can afford to move faster and go further should do so.

SAI makes world better.

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